Palin… plain white trash?

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Elections, Middle East, News & Views, Politics, U.S., World News

4 days of experience.. and what does Palin present?

  1. Lies. Palin Less than Honest – Make sure you read both pages!
  2. Not the least bit V.P.-ish
  3. Loyalty to a foreign country than her own. She “wears” the Israeli flag but not the U.S. flag?
  4. “My 17 year old is pregnant out of wedlock.. but it’s OK with me!” Hypocrite.

UPDATE: 9/12

This is a comment I read on CBS News under the article: What Does a Woman Bring To A Ticket?

Here is what the Rev. Kalnins has taught her and what she repeats.

She says terrorism against Jews is part of God’s plan because they refuse to accept Jesus as their savior; that the Palestinians killing Jews is part of God’s plan.

She asks her congregation to “pray for the oil pipeline.”

She says Alaska has a special place in God’s plan to save it during the “End Times.”

She used State fund to transport kids during church outing;

She says the war in Iraq is part of “God’s plan.”

She says gay people can be converted and become straight;

She has said when the spirit moves her, she “speaks in tongues.” (I bet.. Satanic tongue?)

She believes in “faith healing.”

She tried to ban book in her local library. (Disputed)

These are just a few of her extreme statements.

Is she a nut-job, or what?

You can find all this for yourself, just Google: Palin’s Church – Ed Kalnins- and don’t fail to see Brickner & Jews for Jesus.

Posted by Faizal3 at 12:54 AM : Sep 12, 2008

Worth repeating. She is a total wacko

Sarah Palin is receiving a highly partisan reception on the national political stage, with significant public doubts about her readiness to serve as president, yet majority approval of both her selection by John McCain and her willingness to join the Republican ticket.

Given the sharp political divisions she inspires, Palin’s initial impact on vote preferences and on views of McCain looks like a wash, and, contrary to some prognostication, she does not draw disproportionate support from women. ABC NEWS

Republicans – and especially the neocons – are “excited” about her speech. What do you expect? Would anyone bash their own? But the number don’t lie:

According to ABC Nightly News, critics concluded that Palin energized 29% of evangelicals vs. Obam’s 52%

One commentator stated that Palin comes across as the “woman next door” yet she did not necessarily want the “woman next door” in the White house.

poll tracker

So what are the Republicans celebrating? Nothing really.. but they have to celebrate “something,” appear jubilant and live a lie because they want the White House. They couldn’t care less about America: their focus is the White House. Period!

McCain said tonight: “I don’t work for a party.. I don’t work for Special Interests Groups…” Ah yes, AIPAC isn’t a special interests group, is it? Hypocrite.

Did I mention I’m republican?

And I’m almost convinced now – with all their faults – that maybe this time I should vote Democrat!



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