The Definition of Occupation

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Ethnic Cleansing, Hebron, Israel, Jerusalem, Middle East, Occupation, Palestine, Palestinians, Religion, War crimes, World News, Zionists

A poem by a Palestinian Child.

The definition of occupation
By Abdelnasser Rashid, April 15, 2006, 11th Grade student, PALESTINE

Occupied, terrorized, genocide
while the whole world is hypnotized,
Sixty years, incessant tears
no day passes by without countless fears
For our lives, our wives, our children cry
yet the world turns away, and our spirits die.
For my land, I do stand
but I remain hopeless without a helping hand,
Oppression, suppression, depression
of every aspect of my life, you’ve taken possession,
Our weapons are stones, to protect our homes
but your bulldozers win and terror roams,
Yours are tanks, helicopters, and military jeeps
to kill the young man, as his mother weeps,
You control our electricity, you control our seas
you control our streets, and uproot our trees,
You close our schools, our children can’t learn
you deny the refugees their right to return,
Suffering orphans, under your persecution
when they rise up, they face execution,
Families are separated, and farmers (merely) recall
the land they lost by your Apartheid Wall,
Through your diplomacy and your foreign relations
you attempt to justify and give credence to your occupations,
Palestine is my land, and I won’t let you take it
and while you put the world to sleep, I try to wake it.


  1. Thank you SaS. 🙂

    I am very familiar with Gihad Ali’s poem. It should be made the Palestinian National Anthem.


  2. souvenirsandscars says:

    Wow. Seems simple yet is so brutally clear and honest. I love these poems. They make the truth, which we are sometimes lulled into forgetting, so much more vivid and real.
    “Palestine is my land, and I won’t let you take it
    and while you put the world to sleep, I try to wake it.”

    Thanks ATW. btw. check out the poem Eye to Eye by Gihad Ali. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.
    p.s. the poem was made into a song by Outlandish – Look Into My Eyes.

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