On the last Friday of Ramadan, tens of thousands of West Bank Palestinians wishing to pray at the Al Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem showed up at the Israeli controlled Qalandia check point , between the West bank and Jerusalem. But only a small number were allowed to pass , as Israeli security forces restricted the age of entry to over 50.

Watch the Israeli thugs, the sons of the Devil himself, abuse and humiliate Muslim Palestinians who wished to worship on the last Friday of the Holiest month (Ramadan).

96:9 HAST THOU ever considered him who tries to prevent
96:10 a servant [of God] from praying?

96:14 Does he, then, not know that God sees [all]?
96:15 Nay, if he desist not, We shall most surely drag him down upon his forehead
96:16 the lying, rebellious forehead! [expression denoting a person’s utter subjection and humiliation]
96:17 and then let him summon [to his aid] the counsels of his own [spurious] wisdom, [refers to Man’s allusion and to the arrogance which so often deludes man into regarding himself as “self-sufficient” ]
96:18 [the while] We shall summon the forces of heavenly chastisement!
96:19 Nay, pay thou no heed to him, but prostrate thyself [before God] and draw close [unto Him]!


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