I am Woman! I am Mom! Did you see me on TV? (update)

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Amusing, Elections, Iraq, Israel, Middle East, News & Views, Palin, Politics, Religion, U.S., Women, World News

The debate between Joe Biden and Plain Palin (PP) was as most have stated, another embarrassing moment for PP.

She seemed as if she was in front of her class reciting yesterday’s lesson.

Her remarks are not the least Presidential, V.P’ish or even professional. And what’s with the hairdo and this unprofessional, politically-incorrect look?

Sarah Palin winks during her speech

I wonder if she even finished high school.  Maybe she did.. but did she really expect to “win” against the experienced, professional and politically savvy Biden, a long-time member and current chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee? His strong advocacy helped bring about U.S. military assistance and intervention during the Bosnian War. He initially supported the Iraq War, but later proposed resolutions to alter U.S. strategy there. He has served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, dealing with issues related to drug policy, crime prevention, and civil liberties, and led creation of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act and Violence Against Women Act. He chaired the Judiciary Committee during the contentious U.S. Supreme Court nominations of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. (Wikipedia)

Compare that to Palin and what one would find on Wikipedia about her:

Prominent people with the surname Palin:

  • Michael Palin (born 1943), British actor, comedian and writer
  • Sarah Palin (born 1964), governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee

Other people with the surname Palin:

  • Brett Palin (born 1984), Canadian hockey player
  • Leigh Palin (born 1965), English footballer
  • Leo Palin (born 1956), Finnish tennis player
  • Robert Palin (1835–1861), Australian criminal
  • Todd Palin (born 1964), American snowmobile racer and husband of Sarah Palin
  • Tom Palin (born 1974), English painter and educator


  • Palin Syrah, an organic wine

PP is a typical feminist, Israeli-ass kissing white trash mom. Not that Biden did not kiss Israeli-ass, he also did!

If Palin’s above “resume” on Wikipedia impresses you, by all means, join the 6 other U.S. citizens who will vote for her!

The question I have though is why she always insist on holding and carrying her baby on camera? Is she looking for sympathy? Acknowledgment? What? Does she think being a mom qualify her to be the next V.P. of the strongest country on earth?  Or maybe even a President? Imagine that PP, in the middle of negotiations with some head of state somewhere in the world, excuses herself to put her child to bed, breast feed or.. ok, I’m not even going to go there! God save us!

Sarah Palin

I submit that PP has an inferiority complex and is a hypocrite at best.

  1. PP mispronounced our commander in Afghanistan, Dave McKiernan’s name and also claimed that he supported the idea of using the Iraq surge as a model for Afghanistan even though just yesterday he said he did not.
  2. In response to a question on Iran and Pakistan PP answered by starting to talk about Iraq. Similar to McCain’s obsession on Iraq with complete neglect for all other national security priorities.
  3. PP promised that the Middle East peace process would be a top priority for a McCain administration. But McCain’s own advisors last week said that it wouldn’t.
  4. PP was unable to distinguish any specific difference between Bush and McCain on any foreign policy issues. Joe Biden made that point very clearly.
  5. PP Sarah Palin seems to rely quite heavily on her notes and on a very limited set of talking points. She has been dodging questions all night long.

Please go home and breast feed your baby!



  1. souvenirsandscars says:

    Re: Tell me you seen her pic of Newsweek?!??!

    *gasp* how dare they not airbrush the picture?! An election you say?! I thought we were at a beauty pageant… she was, after all, in the Miss Alaska pageant, wasn’t she?!!
    How insulting!

    LOOOL. I almost died laughing. Did NOT help my flu induced headache, not one bit! I’m going to go die in bed now. Just thought I’d give you the latest heads up on the Wonders of Palin. Or should I say the Blunders of Plain Palin?!

    harharhah. Apparently having the flu makes me witty ^o)

  2. S&S..

    I agree. Every election is a joke and the American public is yet to wake up. The same promises, the same garbage and we just “follow” either candidate as sheep follow a shepherd! Then we get this PP or PWT (plain white trash) meddling in politics? God Help us indeed. And the way she speaks.. like a child unsure of her answers and says… “well, according to NY Times.. ”

    As for her views on global warming, I did question in the post above if she ever finished high school. Apparently she did not… I wish she’d just stay home, keep her mouth shut and breast feed her baby!


  3. souvenirsandscars says:


    But seriously, this entire election is a joke. First they unmercifully bash Obama for a religion he doesn’t even follow and then they let this woman get off with completely idiocy. What scares me is if Bush got off with his acts of idiocy managed to get reelected…. what hope do we have that this woman won’t some day be making decisions that’ll actually affect anyone?!

    btw. Did you see her views on global warming? That it’s not completely manmade and is due, largely, to “the world’s weather patterns being cyclical???” God help us.

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