Welcome to America: the land of the free. The land of democracy. The land of justice.

Unless you are/ were one of the above and haven’t diluted your heritage to the point that you may have blue eyes or fair skin.

Blacks – African Americans

Starting with slavery, which (in the United States) began soon after English colonists first settled Virginia in 1607, lasted until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865.

Chinese Americans

Meanwhile, the Chinese “slave-trade” and Chinese laborer problems were brewing – and the resulting hatred for the Chinese which lasted through the early 1900’s!

Japanese Americans

Yet again and during the same period (1880’s), Japanese slaves and laborers were brought to work on sugar plantations in Hawaii. In May 1892, the first anti-Japanese movement began. In December of 1941, the first Japanese camp was established!  Source.

Blacks – African Americans – still.

Between 1955 and 1968 – (imagine: 103 years after abolishing slavery, supposedly, one would think that the Blacks status in the U.S. would have reached new heights of justice and equality)  the American Civil Rights Movement still aimed at abolishing racial discrimination.

I can’t help but interject that the USA invaded countries on the premise of establishing justice, democracy and abolishing racial discrimination in countries whose existence was not even one-third of the U.S.’s “age.”


Anti-Jewish sentiment started around the time of the American Civil War, when General Ulysses S. Grant issued an order (quickly rescinded by President Abraham Lincoln) of expulsion against Jews from the portions of Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi under his control. Until the late 1960’s, Jews were still being discriminated against!

Jews Not Allowed

Jews Not Allowed


And now it’s the Muslims turn… but anti-Islamic sentiment also started early.

1865 During the American Civil War, the “scorched earth” policy of the North destroyed churches, farms schools, libraries, colleges and a great deal of other property. On the morning of April 4, when the Federal troops reached the campus of the University of Alabama with orders to destroy the university, “Andre’ Deloffre”, a modern language professor and custodian of the “Rotunda library” at the university, appealed to the commanding officer, to spare one of the finest libraries in the south. The officer, being sympathetic, sent a courier to General Croxton at his headquarters in “Tuscaloosa” asking permission to save the library, but the general’s reply was negative, so the officer reportedly said “I will save one volume as a memento of this occasion” and the volume selected was a rare copy of the Qur’an.”



More on Islamic history in the U.S. here.

Of particular interest and the reason for this post, is the shameful re-trial of the Holy Land Foundation, this year. Source

The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) — once the largest American Muslim charity — never funded violence. It simply provided food, clothes, shelter, medical supplies and education to the suffering people in Palestine and other countries.HLF: A victim of 9/11 hysteria.

On this blog, there are two posts about the Holy Land Foundation. One showed how the evidence against the organization was fabricated; the other was when a judge declared a mistrial of the same organization.   11 of the 12 jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict against the organization!

History repeated!

Something is very familiar about the HLF case, but that doesn’t make it right. Did Japanese-Americans deserve to be thrown in internment camps? Nope. Did African-Americans deserve to eat at segregated restaurants, sleep in segregated hotels or drink from segregated water fountains? Nope. Does the HLF deserve to be persecuted for feeding Palestinian orphans and widows? Again, nope.

Who should really be on trial?

For nearly half a century, Israel has occupied Palestine and denied Palestinians their basic human rights. The occupation has caused numerous horrifying outcomes such as the destruction of homes, the killing of innocent children and even the establishment of checkpoints around the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem. So we ask: If occupation obviously shatters lives, while charity builds them and charity feeds children, while occupation kills them, why is a charity organization — not occupation — paying the price?

Noor Elashi speaks to your heart

Please forward this message around:

This is Noor Elashi, the daughter of a defendant in the Holy Land Foundation Retrial. During the past three weeks, I have felt my heart shatter a few times as I witnessed prosecutors use vindictive approaches such as character assassination, fear-mongering and guilt by association as an attempt to convict my dad. Sitting in the courtroom, I’ve felt my blood boil and freeze and boil again in a few seconds time. And as I looked behind me, my eyes scanning the room in search for faces of encouragement and moral support, I found that it was mostly empty with the majority of the benches unoccupied.

My dad and these men ran the largest American Muslim charity, saving hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. We should be tremendously proud of them. They were honorable leaders in their communities. And now, they are paying a price for sponsoring orphans, assisting widows, equipping clinics, planting trees and wiping away tears.

I know you have your jobs and schoolwork and other priorities. But what if this was your dad, your uncle, your cousin, your husband or your best friend?

Gratitude from the bottom of my heart goes out to everyone who has attended so far. I sincerely hope to see the rest of you soon.

Next week, the retrial will run from Tuesday, Oct. 14 to Friday, Oct. 17. For the following four weeks or so, the retrial will take place Mondays through Thursdays. You can come ANYTIME between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (There’s a lunch break between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.)

To read about the case so far, visit http://www.freedomtogive.com

Noor Elashi
A Proud Daughter of Ghassan Elashi

  1. samhenry says:

    “Thanks, Bro”? Are you a brother? That’s OK. Everyone thinks I am “Sam” the man. OK I just want to say that it is OK for American troops to hand out food in Tunisia but that isn’t political, no. Only Muslim organizations are political. Now that you have been set straight, have a good day, LOL. See you later, friend.

    • Huh? Did you think I was African American? Nope.. more like olive Italian..

      I’m missing something here… Muslim Organizations being political… and food handouts in Tunisia! Are you still singing Aquarius? 😉

      • samhenry says:

        About those food handouts being political – I was being sarcastic. For muslims to hand out food is no more political than GI’s handing out candy bars. It is all in how you look at it. The Muslim effort is humanitarian; the GI’s are just that – government employees and they give out food with a purpose – mostly political.

        The Yanks are coming to the aid of Europe again since Europe wants the refugees to stay in Africa so the US is feeding them. I’m really getting very tired of waiting on Europe. They need to raise their own army and defend themselves. Germany is rich and powerful again thanks in large to the new factories we gave them. Let them take a little international initiative. Hell, the Japanese have got some kind of army again. Life goes on.

        But You and I know that the Muslim organization is not a political front – it is what it is – a humanitarian effort. Sorry I was so muddy of syntax. I do that from time to time and remember, I am old.

        • Hi there SH,

          Well, the way I look at it, I think that Europe was somehow stripped of its powers (especially Germany) after World War II. Whether or not intentional, I also attribute this to their economies… they just don’t have the resources we have here, including the large geographic area over the U.S. where military training is more effective (just my uneducated opinion) when the playing field is larger.

          But Germany itself possessed better high tech than we did (or the rest of Europe). This is why we stole their scientists! They had the first Jet Fighter, those rockets they used to bomb England and the Messerschmitts (I had to look up the spelling)! Add to that their torpedo boats and stuff.. anyways.. but Japan’s army? I think they are highly disciplined.. at sushi restaurants! It must be late.. or maybe I’m getting old! 😉

          • samhenry says:

            nah – nevah old – we just get bold. I have found a wonderful young German student and he has written an in-depth article about the EU and Germany’s economic rise that is such that it has skewed the power within the EU. He is at http://www.ruleandreason.com/. He came to my site one day when I was writing about seemingly more weighty matters than the downfall of Prince Andrew (not so simple as that seems). He has a good article about military expenditures up today. He’s a dream. I love the young and in university when their cerebral powers meet the info of the ages and spin wonderful old wool into new skeins for us.

            We did indeed steal their scientists. I remember Werner Von Braun – I think he was the father of the rocket. I’m glad we took the scientists and not the art works. I am not a fan of the German school except in (paintings/drawings/etchings) in their marvelous etchings which they perfected and brought here. It’s like their fairy stories, their srt – a certain tension, a certain dark under the bed. Love the language and all other things cultural but especially the music…ah! I played a bad cello. YoYo Ma playing the Bach solo etudes (I think they are etudes) is the highest form of wekk, the highest form! Oh, and I drive the 2011 Jetta. Yes, I believe in their technology. They have minds that need to be kept busy or they go off the tracks – a lot like the rest of us but they are brilliant – oh hell – that is raaaaaacist. And the Chinese are supposed to have the biggest brains of us all. We waning wasps will never make it. I wrote a post about wasps in decline. Sad to live through. Imagine and we gave the word all those exclusive concepts like private clubs and the black hole of Calcutta 😀 – you have to laugh or you will cry when your a wasp – like that old 60’s tune “When you’re strange…

            And Prince Andrew – there’s more going on there than meets the eye. There’s an arms race in the Middle East and Arms sales are Britain’s bread and butter. He was pals with all the princes and now if he’s out of the picture – other nations will prosper – like China for instance. Also, it will end the monarchy this bit of business. I wrote about it “the Selling and the Selling Out of Prince Andrew” I’ll get off the blog now having cluttered it up. No hurt feelings if you read and delete.

            • Ah.. I love the Doors! And please feel free to clutter as you wish. I enjoy your comments. You should see some of the ignorant comments and attacks I get.. from all kinds: I just can’t understand how when one has historic facts and links and texts and articles and comments from News makers, some will still have the IQ of an Ice Cube and comment: “You’re a liar!”

              Go figure!

              I’ll look at the post you reference – and you reminded me of an incredible video about the Chinese.. when I locate it, I’ll email to you!


  2. Thanks bro.

    Kept the good work

  3. Orlando,

    Thanks. Feel free to use the graphic. I found it a while ago but not sure where.. if I find the source, I’ll forward to you.


  4. Nice post… thats so true….

    By the way where did you get that photo Jews not allowed…

    USA country of freedom to hate

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