And the Award Goes to…

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Middle East, News & Views, Reflections, U.S., World News

Thanks to my friend Rayon Soleil for her kindness and recognition… I posted the award on the side bar and do hereby reciprocate.

The following (in no particular order) deserve this colorful and delightful award:

Now forgive me if I didn’t include more and I know I must have forgotten some. There are many incredible blogs here (wordpress) and elsewhere and those who struggle for justice, peace and the truth, are all worthy of recognition.


  1. Oh my S&S: much too kind of you! I have to look-up these big words and make sure this was a compliment! 😉


  2. […] formidable and awe-inspiring ATW nominated me a while back, and I have to say I felt about this big *demonstrates itty bitty space with fingers* […]

  3. Mazin says:

    Thanks a lot ATW for this recognition .

    I like your blog and that of Desertpeace the best on WordPress .


  4. Thanks ATW!! 🙂

    Even though my blog seems a little frivolous next to all the other serious, freedom-fighting, oppression-stomping other blogs on the list, it’s still means a lot


  5. poetwarrior says:

    Thank you, my friend, for mentioning POETWARRIOR, but, really, you are the one deserving of honorable mention, and desrve the trust your readers bestow upon you.
    Together, someday, in a free Jerusalem.

  6. fourthreichisrael says:

    Thank you so much ATW!
    Your blog is one of my favorite blogs!
    I would like to add a butterfly award to my blog.
    I need to find out how to do that, will check it out and post your blog on it, as you said, in no particular order of favorites.
    I saw you were awarded a butterfly award on:
    Congratulations ATW!!!

  7. RS.. you’re too kind. Thank you!
    Orlando.. “Wailing wall?” lol – hardly.. I think! Just received in an email and I couldn’t resist posting the innocence reflected in these notes.

  8. RS says:

    🙂 thank you ATW ! i actually would like to paste the butterfly banner on ur HTML text 🙂 c’est très belle, beside your blog deserve to it (for its sharp analyses and its consistence). Excellent!


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