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Action Alert: Correct The Associated Press’s erroneous reporting

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Please phone AP at 212-621-1500 (and your local newspaper if the story is on its website) asking for a correction on today’s AP story (pasted below):


Points to make:

  1. The correct designation for Gilo is NOT an “east Jerusalem neighborhood,” it is an illegal settlement on confiscated Palestinian land. BBC, Reuters, and AFP all term it a settlement. Instead, AP uses Israel’s inaccurate and self-serving designation. For more on this see
  2. Through sloppy, misleading writing, AP suggests that Palestinians claim Gilo as the capital of a future state. This also is false.
  3. Once again, AP tells about the number of Israelis killed and injured without mentioning the number of Palestinians. Accurate, unbiased reporting would require the whole story: during the time period that the story discusses, Israelis killed at least 9 Palestinians (B’Tselem) and injured at least 95 (Palestine Red Crescent Society) — many of them children. This should be in the news report.

Pro-Israel groups generate thousands of emails complaining to editors when news coverage is not sufficiently pro-Israel. It is essential that those of us who want accurate reporting do the same thing.

AP contact info:

212-621-1500 (Ask for the International Desk)

Below is AP’s story:

Police: Palestinian man fatally stabs Israeli

JERUSALEM (AP) — A Palestinian assailant stabbed two Israelis in an east Jerusalem neighborhood Thursday, killing an 86-year-old man and wounding a police officer in what authorities called a “terror incident.”

Police shot and seriously wounded the man, identified by police as Mohammed Albaden, during the attack.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the attack occurred after police officers stopped Albaden for questioning in the Jewish neighborhood of Gilo. Albaden pulled out a knife and stabbed one of the officers, who managed to shoot the assailant.

Rosenfeld said the wounded assailant then stabbed a passer-by. The victim, identified as an 86-year-old man, was dead on arrival at the emergency room, said Shoham Ruvio, spokeswoman at the city’s Shaarei Tzedek hospital.

Albaden was captured by a civilian as he tried to flee up a steep staircase leading to a hilltop neighborhood.

“He was shot but he kept running,” Yoav Mizrahi told Israel’s Army Radio. “After a while he got tired and I caught up with him. I ran after him and caught him, wrestled him to the ground and twisted his arm behind his back.”

Medics described the policeman’s wounds as “moderate.”

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the stabbing.

Gilo is among a group of Jewish neighborhoods established in east Jerusalem after Israel captured the area in the 1967 Middle East War. The Palestinians claim east Jerusalem as the capital of a future independent state.

The attack was the second in a month in Jerusalem and the fourth since July.

On Sept. 22 a Palestinian plowed his car into a group of soldiers at a busy intersection, injuring 13 before he was shot dead.

In July, Palestinians carried out two attacks on city streets using heavy construction machinery, killing three people.


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