Hollywood Holocaust

Posted: December 23, 2008 in Charity, Ethnic Cleansing, Israel, Jews, Middle East, Religion, U.S., War crimes, World News
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Hollywood Holocaust, Moral Fables, Greed and your charitable donation

By Mary Rizzo • Dec 23rd, 2008 at 10:04


Why there was the need for a new Holocaust film seems self-evident.  It’s there to feed the “Jewish Charities” and keep the focus on the “need” for the Jewish State. It’s a political and economic scam, if we want to be blunt.  Yet, it’s got to have some elements of a moral fable in there so that we feel impelled to withhold criticism, abstain from judgment and open up our wallets.

In a stunning book entitled Misogynies by Feminist Scholar Joan Smith (1992 Fawcett Columbine), the chapter “Holocaust Girls” reveals how the Hollywood industry and the literature that inspires the scripts capitalises on the Holocaust narrative (here Sophie’s Choice is analysed in depth) to portray the eros-thanatos equation that “uses tragic events as a vehicle for sexual fantasies which would otherwise be condemned as belonging on the unacceptable side of the boundary between literature and porn.” That the Styron novel it was based on is seen as “… a novel rooted in the ‘facts’ of Styron’s own life and that of a young woman he once knew, and this makes its force all the more breathtaking.”

Therefore, in Smith’s analysis, the use of delicate historical material provides a kind of safety zone where criticism is forbidden and the baser instincts of attaching the torture and death of women, children and weaker people to fantasies of erotism and white heroism is going to appeal in a lot of ways to the public. They will “enjoy the atrocity” and at the same time, feel good about their moral superiority. If they have some extra cash to spend, they will donate to a charity that uses a symbol of the Holocaust as its trademark, and last, but certainly not least, they will turn the other way to the tragedy of the Palestinian people, because it is implied that Jews are suffering in Israel, surrounded by enemies and defending themselves against the future, inevitable holocaust.

It’s so engaging.. they should make a film about it.

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