Gaza: my heart bleeds for you!

Posted: December 29, 2008 in Arab, Ethnic Cleansing, Israel, Jews, Middle East, Mossad, Palestine, Palestinians, Religion, War crimes, World News, Zionists

God has chosen His people: and they are NOT the Zionists murderers and settlers who are no better the Nazis themselves.
We are all Gaza

We're all Gaza!

Meanwhile, the New Hitler (Ehud Barak) stated:  “The operation will go on and be intensified as long as necessary.

I guess he hasn’t had his full cup of Palestinian blood yet! This thug should be tortured to death in retaliation so he may taste the horror and terror he inflicted on the innocent Palestinians.


Israeli Nazism


Palestinians are treated like animals: thanks to the "only democracy" in the Middle East!!!

Destruction: Did Nazis inflict so much terror?


Israel claims it's only after Hamas. Then why bomb schools, hospitals and prisons?



The NaZionist nation will justify injuring this man: he was at the wrong place! Surely, the "wrong place" was Palestine!

Another Palestinian killed by IDF (Ben Heine) by Ben Heine.

And what are the Arab scum leaders doing? Snoring away… they’ve been paid by Uncle Sam and the NaZionist to tend to their pleasures and ignore the massacres! And should the Arab masses demonstrate against such Israeli brutality? No worries, these degenerate leaders will beat, harass, gas, kil, torture and een kill a few to teach the rest a lesson!


  1. theoworkshop says:

    true to every word ATW. But the hypocrisy of mankind runs deeper than just Israel and Nazis. Stone throwing Palestinian kids are branded as terrorists or fundamentalists and all sorts of flashy terms while the Israeli soldiers who regard human lives no more than that of a street dog’s are regarded as war heroes.

    God! when will we come out of this deception

    • @theoworkshop,

      You said it! So true… you can thank the filthy Israeli lobbyists who actually re-use the $4.0 billion-a-year-aid (that we admit to) we send Israel against our intelligence. We pay them to brainwash us into believing that Israeli scum and thugs are heroes!


  2. susanne430 says:

    Powerful post!!! Thank you so much for sharing these photos, ATW!

    • It’s a day of disgrace to Humanity when the Israeli thugs claim self-defense yet they’re killing innocent civilians and destroying hospitals, schools and prisons! They’re eliminating an infrastructure. It did not work in Lebanon and it will not work in Gaza! If Israel has the right to defend itself in such a manner, then the Nazis also acted in self defense!


  3. poetwarrior says:

    If the Israelis succeed in dragging the world into yet another war, the result will not be the triumph of international Zionism but it’s complete annihilation.

  4. theoworkshop says:

    Hi you all. Its such a relief to see that at least some people on the net know the actual picture of whats going on in Gaza. All this mindless hatred that is directed at the muslims is so disheartening that there are no word to describe.

    The world has become so blind in its judgment that it fails to recognize who the oppressor is and who is the oppressed.

    I realized this when I recently had a conversation with a christian American about Gaza. I have posted it uncensored at my blog. Hope you guys join in and let her know that its Israel who is the oppressor. This is the link

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