Maybe.. but they may also be returning in body bags! Let’s pray they do. These terrorists and thugs deserve nothing more!

Israeli soldiers on the Israeli-Gaza border wait to enter Gaza on Saturday night.

Israel’s humiliating defeat in the south of Lebanon (2006) has not been forgotten. The ITF (Israeli Terror Forces) still looks forward to the day they may regain what they may call “dignity” or “honor.” The myth: that they are the best equipped, best trained, most capable and always “victorious” group of thugs and terrorists had been shattered at the hands of the few, the proud, the Hizbollah!

Since the ITF couldn’t  accomplish what they promised their people back in 2006, they hope that Hamas is a better target and that they will be able to end this victoriously and very quickly!

Wrong Motha Fuc*as!

As the ITF  invades and occupies Gaza, I believe this will be a repitition of what happened in the South of Lebanon! We hope those who violate Gaza will return to their familie in body bags.

Smile: you maybe going home in a body bag!

The incursion set off fierce clashes with Palestinian militants and Gaza’s Hamas rulers vowed the coastal strip would be a “graveyard” for Israelis forces.

“This will not be easy and it will not be short,” Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on national television about two hours after ground troops moved in.

Ehud Barak's face.. where it belongs!

Come again? Hamas fighters are probably numbered and should be a lot less than what the ITF thugs fought in the south of Lebanon. Maybe Ehud Ba-Hitlerak knows that there’s simply no way to defeat freedom fighters and occupied, oppressed Palestinians.

The current death toll is 4 Israelis, and 430 Palestinians. 1:100 ratio!!! If this is not a Holocaust, God knows what is!

But just like David slew Goliath, so too shall Hamas and Gazans slay the new Goliath – the ITF.  Even if this doesn’t happen immediately, every Palestinian sooner or later becomes a Gazan. They will all rise and rid the region of Zionism and the terror they brought over 60 years ago. There will be peace – and it won’t be under a terror and Nazi state!

And we shall rejoice.



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