If you have an OUNCE of dignity left, you will demand closure of all Israeli Embassies in your countries.

The killers of Palestinian Children do not have the right to be on your lands!


Expel the 1nazionist Immediately!

  1. Hey ATW,

    Could you possibly send these pictures to campaigns@adbusters.org?? I’m sending all the pictures I have =(



  2. Shahrzad says:

    Venezuela did it. Sometimes non-muslims ‘act’ far more better than muslims..

  3. 😦

    this is unbelievable, I swear.

  4. mawifo says:

    Sorry, but I don’t get your comment. I chose the picture to draw awareness to the massacre currently happening in Gaza. As a matter of fact I have been demonstrating in front of the Israeli embassy in Oslo, demanding (along with my youth party, Socialist Youth) that the Israeli ambassador be expelled from our country. We want Norway to go forward as an example, and show a clear message that what Israel is and has been doing is TOTALLY unacceptable.

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