Los Angeles Times

Villaraigosa supports Israel’s Massacres and killing of children committed by Israel!

L.A. mayor comes under criticism from Muslim groups after he says the nation has a ‘right and responsibility to defend itself’ from Hamas rockets.


Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (Museum of Intolerence), left, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Israeli Consul General Jacob Dayan hold a news conference at the Jewish Federation's Goldsmith Center to discuss the situation in Gaza.

By Phil Willon January 9

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Thursday defended his support of Israel’s military action against Hamas, a day after he met privately with local Muslim leaders who had criticized him as being one-sided and ill-equipped to wade into the complex Middle East conflict.  At a rally outside the Israeli Consulate earlier this week, Villaraigosa said Israel had the “right and responsibility to defend itself” from the rocket attacks being launched from the Gaza Strip.  U.N., Red Cross curtail aid in Gaza Muslim organizations argued that the mayor should have spoken just as strongly on behalf of innocent Palestinians killed and wounded by the Israeli attacks. The uproar, while expected to be short-lived, again revealed how events elsewhere in the world can cause political tremors in a city as diverse as Los Angeles, home to some of the nation’s largest Jewish and Arab populations. But Villaraigosa’s strong and vocal support for Israel, a country he has visited three times, including a trip last summer, has helped solidify his support among the Jewish voters who helped elect him mayor in 2005.

ATW’s comment: Villaraigosa was simply bought by Jewish money!

The NaZionists have ensured that he was “placed in their bacMayor k pocket” by sending him on all-expense paid trips to Occupied Palestine! This is why this Mayor is kissing up to the extremist Jews such as the Rabbi or the Israeli Consul General above. Just as anyone in politics needs to KISS AIPAC’S terrorist ass, so do the local politicians. They must pledge allegiance to the Nazi state of Israel.

Although major news media outlets as U.S. News, The Economist, The Guardian, Jewish media and historians and even CNN have all confirmed that Israel is the one who broke the ceasefire, the racist Mayor acts in favor of Zionist Nazis and takes the role of a parrot to Israeli genocide actions!


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