Jewish Terrorism and the Killing of Children

An explosion from an Israeli airstrike is seen in Rafah, in ...

Civilians executed; 29 Palestinian civilians killed by
Zionist Phosphorous bombs

During the humiliating defeat in Lebanon, the Jewish Terrorist State used cluster and phosphorus bombs even though such weapons are considered WMD and constitute War Crimes.

Does the Jewish Terrorist State give a damn? Not as long as the U.S. blind support for such terrorism is granted. Their  superior contempt of human life is beyond barbaric!

Twenty three Gazans have been killed since Sunday morning and dozens injured by new weapons that ensure the incineration of buildings and people hit by the explosives. The Zionist Phosphoric bombs have not yet been used in the Gaza offensive.

The total for the 16 days of Zionist strikes and ground fire is now 875 killed, 3,620 injured and 411 seriously wounded. (as of Sunday January 11, 2009).

Those dead in the southern Strip include 41-year-old Hanan An-Najjar and another unidentified man. At least 50 were injured as Zionist strikes hit a dozen homes in Khuza’a village, many of which continue to burn after the near-dawn airstrikes.

The body of the 17-year-old Usama Abu Rajileh was identified among the dead in Khanyounis. Attacks in the north began by killing four members of the Bashir family when Zionist airstrikes struck the family home in the Al-Karama neighborhood northwest of Gaza City shortly after sunrise on Sunday. The family was in the home at the time and an unknown number were injured.

Witnesses said Ala Bashir “Abu Sheib,” his wife, mother-in-law and son were killed in the strike. Several other homes in the area were hit. Strikes then shifted to the northern border-town of Beit Lahiya where locals reported the use of Phosphoric bombs, which set hit homes ablaze. The strikes killed at least three from the Ma’rouf and Ghaban families and injured dozens.

The Jewish Terrorist State (JTS) Tactic:

Under the guise of defending itself or attacking only Hamas targets, we continue to witness the death of civilians and particularly children. During a phone call to Gaza, the people there expressed fear from the indiscriminate bombing by the Jewish Terrorists.  Apparently, the JTS tactic is to inflict heavy losses on civilians and especially children to force the Palestinians to submit to Israeli rule, surrender or betray their brothers (Hamas) in a desperate act to stop this pain. Or so the JTS thought!

Such has been the JTS tactic: divide and conquer – at any expense. In the past, we’ve witnessed Jewish Terrorists targeting children with orders to shoot at their heads! This, the JTS feels will agonize Palestinians further and demand the expulsion of Hamas – or a variation of such, or so the JTS had hoped.

Palestinian children gather around the remains of the Jazeera ...

Palestinian children gather around the remains of the Jazeera hotel destroyed by Israeli Terrorist Forces in Gaza City, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009

Instead, they have produced a generation of angry Palestinians who will give their lives to their lands and Hamas. In fact, the new generation and almost everyone in Gaza now claims to be Hamas.The oppressed shall rise and liberate themselves against any barbaric and brutal occupation.

'And the Arab leaders are silent,' is written in Arabic on the ...

And the World Leaders are silent, is written in Arabic on the face of a Palestinian student

These War Crimes against humanity are worse than Nazi Germany’s during the Holocaust. This new Holocaust has now replaced what the JTS tries to market as an exclusive product. Sympathy is no longer offered the thugs of the Middle East known as the Jewish Terrorist Forces.



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