Thank You for the war on Gaza. Thank you for turning Gaza into a ghetto, a hell-on-earth, for the devastation and destruction. For the killing of children or the women… the men and the innocent.

I sincerely mean it. Thank you!

Because you have awakened our conscience. For a while, we’ve forgotten about Gaza, Palestine and the Palestinians right to return. You have begun to awaken a sleeping Arab conscience. It’s not yet that obvious but the masses are beyond angry. Their hatred to your existence is 100 fold and rising. Their anger is equally 100 fold against the so-called-rulers who are no more than dictators and tyrants. Some are gone. Some will soon follow. Oppression and tyranny eventually disappear – voluntarily or otherwise.


When that happens, O Israel, beware! The wrath of the angry masses will come down upon thee. Although the Arab population is approximately 300,000,000, imagine just about 100,000,000 uniting and marching to Palestine, their homeland; the land of their relatives and ancestors.. the promised land.  It’s just not promised to you!

100,000,000 unarmed, mind you, marching to Palestine, will annihilate your existence by stomping your Nazi leadership to death! 50,000,000 may sacrifice their lives for the cause. You may slaughter that many for you’re good at it.  The rest would succeed.  Your Zionist leaders and followers will be captured and tied-up like dogs! They will be tried for the crimes against humanity and their execution would be classic.

That day is on the horizon of justice and hope!

Palestine will be cleansed from the filth of Zionism and racism. The stolen lands, longing for their true owners will automatically reunite with these real and original owners. The olive trees finally witnessing what they have always stood for: Peace! Peace in which the good Palestinian Jews will remain and live in peace and respect as they did for thousands of years under Arab or Muslim umbrellas. The rest will return to their European or American origins and be looked upon as Nazis even in their own homelands.

And now that you haven’t been able to finish off Hamas, just remember: you’ve turned every Arab and Palestinian into a Hamas believing individual.

60 years of terror and racism. This is the only thing you brought to Palestine. Zionism; Nazism; Apartheid; death and destruction.

Still we thank you. For now, the world is on the Palestinian side. The world (except your drunkard parent, the U.S.A. government) now realizes that you are nothing more than a lie.  There’s no justice where you are nor will there ever be peace until Palestine is free from Zionism.


The Proud and Honorable Christian, Muslim and Jewish-Arabs and Palestinians


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