I practically laughed when I saw the post of the so-called terrorist “spokesman” for the Israeli Terrorist Forces showing the ITF thugs withdrawing from Gaza.

Let me add: in defeat since, as my earlier post noted, the Israeli Terrorists could not accomplish any of their objectives and instead, were defeated (as they were in Lebanon) and as also pointed out in Thank You Israel post, have awakened a dormant Arab population as well as the rest of the world. Now Israel and Nazis are synonyms. Now Palestinians seek nothing less than drowning these thugs in the “Sea” to avenge their families, land and honor and free Palestine from these disease called Zionism!!!


ITF thugs leaving in shame. Again


Defeated: Where's Gilad? Still held by Hamas? 🙂


With all the innocent blood on their hands, these thugs are nothing less than Nazis!

Now why do I call these thugs terrorists? Here are some eye-witness accounts of the actions of these thugs in Gaza. The lies that the terrorist Nazi leadership in Israel told us, were just incredible! “We have nothing against the Palestinian Civilians” they claimed.Really? How do you answer these eyewitness accounts of survivors: children mind you!

Read and judge for yourself:

In the video above, watch also how the Israeli dogs are killed by Palestinian snipers! May they “rest” in Hell!

One account that was aired on Aljazeera today showed this young girl (Dalal?)  who could not stop her sobbing and tears as she slowly narrated her account of how her family was killed by the Israel Nazi Forces: her whole family (two brothers, sister, mother and father) were massacred! Her house completely demolished (as with many others and all she found in the rubble of her home, was her cat!

One young boy also narrated how a group of civilians, were “escorted” by the Israeli thugs into an area they told them would protect them. Later, they shelled their area 3 times until there was a pool of blood. When the remaining survivors emerged. holding a white flag, they were ridiculed by the Israeli thugs, then they threw empty food cans at them while laughing…

These were not isolated incidents. There are many such accounts on Aljazeera – with videos. I personally saw these reports on the Aljazeera channel but unfortunately could not find the videos for emphasis.

And why do I call the Islamic resistance Victorious?

Simple! Victory has the following characteristics:

  1. The defenders and innocent civilians killed are in Heaven while the dead killers are burning in hell!
  2. The Resistance did not waiver. They stood their grounds.
  3. They Resistance did not concede anything to the Israeli thugs!
  4. An AWAKENING throughout the Arab and Muslim world erupted. I dare say the whole world. Now everyone, every nation and everybody knows that Israel is a barbaric, evil and a cruel bunch of thugs.
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