NaZionist planes continue to attack Palestinians

While Isra-Hell’s planes continue to attack Palestinians and the Tunnels of Freedom and sustenance, I watched – on Aljazeera, Palestinian children plan for the future, unafraid, determined and with one goal in mind:

To free their lands from Zionism!

Tunnels of Livelihood

These kids have been brought up the right way. They do not succumb to terrorism, barbarism and genocide from the Zionist terrorists. Instead, they play strategic games in which they attack Israeli positions, capture Israeli soldiers terrorists and return to their “bases.”  They make these games so realistic that one of the kids plays the role of a martyr… and declares the Shahada while his soul ascends to Heaven!

This is the generation that is being taught what Harvard Business Schools, Oxford or MIT will never be able to teach! This is the education that these kids have adopted. Their goals are simple: victory or martyrdom!

Such honorable children.

Go Palestinian children! You are the future of Palestine and the future for a JUST and Peaceful Palestine.

And why should they not do this? This is the only response to Israeli terrorism. Look at the following images of writings left by Israeli thugs on walls in Gaza.

The Israeli Peace Plan!

Likewise, Die all of you Zionist thugs!

Israelis' messages to themselves?

Zionist Wish.. will never come true.

"We're not after Palestinian Civilians" they said. Sure!

You may have been here but your Zionist ass was fried!


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