It’s quite ludicrous that Abbas and his thugs claim that they represent the Palestinian people. It’s more despicable that Abbas would claim that the PLO is the only “legitimate” representative of the Palestinian people.

(AP /Nasser Shiyoukhi)

I want to be President and oppress the people too!

The PLO? The Palestinian Liberation Organization? What a shame that this organization would still hold this name. What have they liberated? Never mind that; who has elected this group of thugs to represent the Palestinians?

The PLO was founded in 1964 by the Arab League (the regional organization which now includes 22 Arab states and the PLO).  The Arab League’s intentions in establishing the PLO may have been to control and channel Palestinian political aspirations, but the PLO gradually transformed itself into a genuine Palestinian organization.  A corrupt Palestinian organization.

By 1974, it was the Arab states that recognized the PLO as the “sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.” It was not the Palestinians themselves… as in any Arab regime, a group of corrupt rulers selected yet one additional corrupt entity to “control” the Palestinians.

Yet during the Israeli barbaric and Nazi attack on civilians in Gaza, and while those who survived the attack  ate grass and drank polluted water, had their homes demolished and children killed, Abbas and his thugs lived lavishly and ate well. They met with and hugged the enemy who was attacking and killing “their” people during dinner. They were flying high for being accepted as “leaders.”

 Rice, Olmert, Abbas during a dinner in Washington

Abbas and Peres.. buddies in crimes!

Olmert to Abbas: Excuse me, I'm going to inaugurate a new settlement – I'll be right back!"

AP Photo

Abbas: "Please kill them all.. Hamas, resistance, anyone.. just keep me in charge!"

Yet, Palestinians, given the chance to vote and elect, have made it clear who they want to represent them: the few, the proud, the uncorrupted, the legitimate resistance and freedom fighters: HAMAS. It was Hamas that promised to rebuild Gaza. Abbas was still waiting for Israeli and American approvals for what to say next!

WN Gaza

And during the Arab Summit, Abbas would not show up! He stated that he was told he couldn’t attend because of threats against his life! The Kuwaiti Parliament (or its equivalent) announced that Abbas, the ex-president of the Palestinian people, was no longer welcomed in Kuwait since he “abandoned” his own people by boycotting the Arab summit in Qatar.

Abbas, the  puppet, received this  memo from the U.S. Administration!

The “talking points” memo, left behind by a State Department envoy, urging Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to confront Hamas (page 1)

Page 2 of the "Command"

Mr. Abbas:

The Palestinian people reject you and your thugs.

History often repeats itself! Tyrants, traitors and the corrupt  suffer a violent and dishonorable removal from power by the very people they claimed they governed!



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