A Jewish settler prays at the entrance to a disputed STOLEN house in Hebron on December 2, 2008.

Israelis in the biggest settlement terrorist camp in the occupied [Palestinian] West Bank say they will vote for right-wingers vowing a tough line with Palestinians on defending Jewish settlements. They may well get one — polls forecast a win for opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday as well as a strong showing for his rightist former aide Avigdor Lieberman.

Thus is the way of Jewish terrorism! Under the flag of a violent and militant religion, these extremists want to enforce their theft of Palestinian lands and homes and claim it as theirs!

There’s a democratic Jewish State for you!

“We hope Netanyahu will win,“ said Dina Timshin, a supermarket manager in Ariel, a Jewish settlement around 20,000 in the heart of the West Bank. “The world likes the Arabs, the whole world is protecting the Arabs.”

Russian and Hebrew posters for Yisrael Beiteinu far outnumbered those of his rivals on walls inside the prim, hilltop city, a pioneer of the settler movement set up in 1978 on land many Israelis consider a biblical birthright.

They steal it first and demand, through “negotiations” to keep it? This is grand theft before OUR eyes!

Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza in 1967.  In talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, Israel has insisted that Ariel and other major settlements should be part of Israel, though it has offered some other land in compensation.

Differences over settlements, deemed illegal by the World Court and by Israel’s allies, have hampered the negotiations.

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An Israeli soldier confronts a Palestinian protestor during a demonstration by Palestinian and foreign protestors against the construction of the ILLEGAL and controversial Israeli Apartheid Wall in the village of Wadi Alnees near the West Bank town of Bethlehem.

NO to a two-state Solution!

Since its illegal establishment in 1948, Israel has attacked and fought seven wars against its neighbors, including the recent holocaust in Gaza. Add the Palestinians’ first and second Intifada in the occupied and stolen territories, and the total rises to nine! Of course, Israel made a “cold peace” with Egypt and Jordan, and also established diplomatic relations with a few other Arab countries, but nothing has really changed at the core of the conflict, despite the Oslo peace process of the 1990’s and other treaties and agreements with the Palestinians

The central question for both sides remains unanswered: where does Israel end and Palestine start?

The alternative to a two-state solution is continuation of the conflict and the de facto reality of a one-state solution in which Palestinians between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean will, sooner rather than later, constitute a majority.  For Israel and the Palestinians, this is a dire perspective from both a strategic and a humanitarian point of view. Indeed, it is hopeless.

Palestine shall remain free: Zionism must be crushed or exiled back to the ghettos of Europe where it belongs. Palestine is a Muslim country and shall remain as such. Jews are welcome to live their under Islamic rule. They will be protected and treated as history had witnessed in the past: with respect and dignity as citizens of an Islamic and JUST, DEMOCRATIC Palestine.


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