For the love of Jerusalem, purify this holy city from Zionists and Zionism!

The Dome of the Rock

Zionist Christians and Israelis want us to believe that Jews have the RIGHT to this city. Prove that these racist supremacist groups are lost and wrong is easy. Let’s first look at how some Jewish sites try to justify their ridiculous racist claims; one site even defines who a Jew is as follows (exact copy):

  • Someone who is matrilineally descended from Jacob (AKA Israel) and any of his wives, (wives?)
  • Someone who has properly converted
  • Someone who is matrilineally descended from a proper convert.

Some of you may be laughing already. The above was stated on a site to justify the Jewness of King David! Some sites I found attempted to justify Jerusalem’s Jewness throug political importance! They knew they had no religious basis for such an absurd claim.

And they state that the proof is from the Torah! OK, let’s accept this argument. Then to be fair, and likewise, we can say that the proof is also in the Quran, the final revelation and book and Word of God that have remained pure – unlike the Bible or Jewish teachings – unchanged or “revised” and for over 1,400 years.

The Torah was revealed to Moses

The Torah was revealed to Moses and therefore, this is the start of Judaism! The Torah was not revealed to Abraham, Jacob (Israel) or the 12 tribes of Jacob (Israel)! Interestingly, the name Israel means nothing more than “servant of God.” If present day Israel is a servant of God, then Hitler was a Prophet!

Jews don’t consider Solomon as a prophet. Yet they claim his temple? We’ve addressed this in a past post.

So then, where’s the claim that Jews have the right to Jerusalem let alone Palestine? Dr. Sand (an Israeli professor) also addressed and refuted such.

To further rebuke and refute the Zionist claim, consider again the Abraham Family Tree

Note Moses’ place on the following family trees

The 12 tribes of Prophet Israel were not Jews; they were the first Muslims

Zionist and extremist Jews want us to believe their bent logic and history that supposedly prove that Palestine is their land. They have attempted to change historical facts as proven by statements made by Ben Gurion and Golda Meir. And they have tried again just recently, attempting to change the facts in Wikipedia before they were caught red-handed! Yet Zionists and their supporters hide such facts and concentrate on the “religious” claim to the land which is baseless.

One only needs to read about King Solomon in the Bible or in Jewish scriptures and ask the question: why is such a womanizer and drunkard suddenly used as a reason to rebuild “his” temple?

The Temple of Prophet Solomon; a Muslim Temple!

If anything, the Temple belongs to Muslims:  for they are the ones who hold the highest regard and respect to King Solomon than does Judaism or Christian Zionism.

In more modern history,   and in 638, just a few years after the death of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, an army of his followers surrounded Jerusalem. The city Patriarch, Sophronius, handed over the city after a brief siege. There was only one condition; that the terms of their surrender be negotiated directly with Omar ibn al-Khattab, the second Khalif of Islam. Omar entered Jerusalem on foot. There was no bloodshed. There were no massacres. Those who wanted to leave were allowed to, with all their possessions. Those who wanted to stay were guaranteed protection for their lives, their property, and their places of worship in the Omariyya Covenant.

Compare Oamr’s actions to current-day Israel’s: demolishing homes and evicting Palestinians so that their plans of Judaizing Jerusalem are achieved. If such are the teachings of Judaism, then this is a religion of tyranny and terror! The Israelis claiming to be Jewish have proven to be worse than the Israelites Moses saved from the Pharaoh. After all the signs and miracles they had witnessed, they still wanted to worship a man-made god: the golden calf!

  1. Tj Hessmon says:

    The chart that indicates Christ came through Judah and King David is completely incorrect. Christ was born to Mary of the daughters of Aaron (read the first 3 chapters of the book of Luke). Christ took on the title of King because of the Marriage between Joseph and Mary, as Joseph are of the house of David.

    Christ inherited both titles
    High Priest _ born to Mary of the house of Aaron
    KIng – Marriage to Joseph of the house of David

    Its a very common mistake to state that Christ was of the house of Judah, however his connection to Judah was by marriage, factually he was of the house of Levi.

  2. fourthreichisrael says:

    Terrific post, as usual, ATW.

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