These are the words of IDF Chief Gabi AshkeNazi..

A striking resemblance and parallel to Nazi denial of killing Jews or causing the Holocaust: Nazi Germany was simply moving Jews to what it thought were safer havens for them! Whatever happened at these so-called camps, was unauthorized!

Gabi AshkeNazi said that he did not believe Israeli soldiers harmed Palestinian civilians in “cold blood” during the offensive in the Gaza Strip, in his first response to a Haaretz expose revealing testimonies given by troops who served in Operation Cast lead.

Nazis in Jewish cloth?

Haaretz last week published a report detailing IDF soldiers’ accounts of ethical violations in the Gaza offensive earlier this year. According to testimonies given by combat pilots and infantry soldiers, Israeli forces killed Palestinian civilians under permissive rules of engagement and intentionally destroyed their property.

“I can say that the IDF is the most moral army in the world,” Ashkenazi told a group of new recruits. “We must remember where we were operating: in a place where Hamas turned a residential neighborhood into a battleground, public facilities into weapons storehouses.”

Really? So your Nazi forces’ confessions and testimonies are fabrications? These are not the first soldiers who spoke out or what we’ve witnessed.

“[The army] is awaiting the results of the investigation, but my impression is that the IDF acted morally and ethically,” Ashkenazi said. “If there were incidents like these, they were isolated.”

The soldiers’ testimonies run counter to the IDF’s claims throughout the operation that troops observed a high level of moral behavior.

A number of officers told Haaretz over the weekend that the testimonies did not surprise them, as “anyone with eyes in his head knows that these things happened during the fighting in Gaza.”

The soldiers who testified about misconduct “placed a very unpleasant mirror before us,” said one officer.


Israel's Religious and Holy War of annihilating Palestinians!

Squad commander in Israel’s Givati Brigade, who was identified only by his first name, given as Rahm, was quoted to have said that the Gaza operation from the beginning had “the feeling of almost a religious mission.”

While military rabbis provided routine services — such as distributing books of psalms and leading prayers at the start of the operation — some religious materials veered in a political direction, he said.

“The military rabbinate brought many magazines and articles with a very clear message: ‘We are the Jewish people, a miracle brought us to the land of Israel, God returned us to the land, and now we have to struggle so as to get rid of the gentiles who disturb us from conquering the holy land.’ All the feeling throughout all this operation of many of the soldiers was of a war of religions,” he said. “As a commander, I tried to explain that the war is not a war of Kiddush Hashem [the sanctification of God’s name, including through martyrdom] but over the stopping of the launching of the Qassam rockets.”

The Washington Post

  1. Hmmm, let’s see who are the real nazis… edited bt ATW (as garbage is not allowed here)

    Boyko.. but I must agree with Haaretz which posted the following in 2007:

    In the service of the Jewish state
    By Shraga Elam and Dennis Whitehead

    In the late 1940s, Walther (Walter) Rauff, an SS officer who was responsible for the murder of at least 100,000 people and was wanted by the Allies as a war criminal, was employed by the Israeli secret service. Instead of bringing him to justice it paid him for his services and helped him escape to South America. Documents of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that have been released over the past several years show that the Americans were aware that Rauff’s case was not exceptional.

    Interesting.. Jews funding Nazis to kill Jews?

    • Ahhhh, how nice, editing posts of others. So much for objectivity I guess.

      • Objectivity? Stealing Palestinian lands, terrorizing Palestinians, demolishing their homes, expressing violence and terrorism on T-Shirts and exceeding Nazis crimes against humanity, are considered objective? Your world is definitely upside down!


        • Just as upside down as raiding schools, indoctrinating children into ‘martyrdom’, murdering children in cold blood, blowing yourself up among civilians, using your children as human shields, staging fake shots of ‘wounded’ during violent riots, and on and on and on… Just as upside down.

          • Oh, and also starting several wars with the goal of moving all Jews into the sea, of course.

            • You’re funny Jonathan… everything you say is baseless and “very old.” This was Israel’s favorite expression pre 1967 war! Since then and with the so-called peace with Egypt or Jordan, we’ve seen no progress. However, the phrase need to be applied again and Palestinians SHOULD throw the likes of you in the sea… If it’s good for the Nazi Israelis and your barbaric leadership to publicly call for Ethnic Cleansing, then thrwoing YOU in the sea is fair game! The problem though is that Palestinians would be creating a natural disaster since your blood is filthier and more contaminated than the best of chemical and oil spills!


          • Using “our children as human shields?” this is a laugh, isn’t it? The shields are used by the Nazi Israeli forces and here is one example:

            You people are nothing but Nazis wearing Jewish skull-caps, right?

            Now get lost!


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