Israel’s Death Culture, a Dragging Anchor
Charles E. Carlson  Apr 03, 2009

Israel Defense Forces trains snipers to kill, but who are they trained to target?  Many of us had military training at one time or another and the thought of killing a human is something soldiers must be prepared for.  But based on the result, something about Israel’s sniper training must be very different, for the thought of killing a woman, much less a child, never entered the mind of any soldier I have ever known.

These graduates of IDF sniper school came out wearing t-shirts that promoted killing children, women, and especially graphically about killing pregnant women.

Israel has played the “self defense” card since 1948.  It no longer works.  The t-shirt orders were approved by officers, or at least by Platoon Sergeant, according to Haaretz.  That means the commanders also had to know

Haaretz, the leading daily paper in Israel, broke the t-shirt story soon after it featured another story involving murders in Gaza admitted to by active duty IDF solders, who made it plain that this attitude is not confined to barracks’ latrines talk.

The sniper-graduates of the IDF kill school intended that these shirts be seen. They are not ashamed of what they’ve been taught to do and what some of them surely will do; they want to advertise it.  Only those who do not want to know can fail to recognize the pride Israel takes in its death culture.  Its young men and women are trained and conditioned to hate and kill Arab men, women, and children without reservation.

In recent Haaretz new stories, veterans of the January campaign in Gaza revealed that they see nothing wrong with executions because their leaders expect it of them.

A soldier  knows he can get away with any murder,  so long as he does not do it at point blank range in front of a camera held by an Arab news service like Aljazeera.  If he makes this mistake, then some minimum discipline may make him out as one bad apple in the Israeli barrel.

Israel’s death culture extends beyond the mass killing fields of Lebanon and Gaza. Israelis also kill their own kind with impunity. They have killed many more Jewish Israeli babies (some 20,000 a year or more) than all the Philistine men, women, and children they have shot, burned, and starved in its 60 year life.  Israel’s low live birth rate is the principle reason it cannot compete in a democratic society with the Arabs.  This should horrify Christian Zionists who claim to be pro-life almost to a man.

Arabs have families in both Israel and Gaza. With rare exceptions, they do not abort their children.  Israelis, however, have a high rate of abortion, subsidized by its national government.  The most dangerous months of a young Israeli’s life are not those spent carrying a gun in the IDF, but those spent in his mother’s womb.

Blame for the ongoing abuse of the Palestinians rests with the Israelis, with American Zionist Jews, the cowardly Congress, and flagrantly biased, Zionist-monitored media.  How many times have you seen the t-shirt story, or the IDF confession story on ABC, NBC, or CBS?  Once for ten seconds would be more than expected.

But the real villains who enable Israel’s Death Culture are the 70 million evangelical Christian Zionists who are led by a handful of fanatical leaders who reap huge personal profits from their Israel-worshiping donations and junkets.

“Christian Zionism” is the oxymoronic name we gave this biggest of all cults nine years ago, and it stuck.  We defined it as “Those who believe the State of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophesy.” Christian Zionists worship Israel and feel they have authority to pronounce curses upon anyone who criticizes Israel.  I know, because I have had curses pronounced on me to my face, not to mention the silent ones I have been told about.


Israel is a dragging anchor weighing down our Ship of State.  Once we were a giant luxury liner, and the weight of Israel hanging from our bow was not noticeable; but now we have hit an iceberg and we are taken on water in a rough sea. The dead weight on our bow is enough to sink us.

Israel is lionized by Jewish Zionists and deified by the American Christian Zionists movement, but is not respected by one else in the world.  Every government including ours knows this and most say it.  Evangelical Christian Zionists can also no longer afford their love affair with Israel because it is a toxic ungodly affection that abandons traditional Biblical values.

The American Government must cut loose the anchor and let Israel sink to its natural level; but for this to happen evangelical Christians must let go of the anchor chain.  Israel’s Death Culture was always there, but it has been exposed in Gaza and Lebanon, and even the American media cannot put it back in the bottle. It is time to end Israel’s free ride on America’s bow.

What can we do personally about Israel’s Death Culture?  Tell your Congressman you blame him for the blood and lives lost.  Refuse to purchase products of any kind that are imported from or use materials from Israel; check labels or ask merchants and let them know what you’re doing;  withdraw your patronage from anyone who supports Israel. Ask local merchant, then walk out if they do.

Followers of Christ should not take a tour to Israel until it grants full equality to the Palestinians. Tourism supports Israeli killing.   If you know a church that offers tours, go to members, including the tour leader and the pastor, and show them why they should stop!

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