Surely you’ve seen the barrage of posts calling the Iranian President Ahmadinejad racist or anti-Semitic or any of the common accusations the Jewish extremists and pro-NaZionists want us to believe.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Israel of being the ‘most cruel and racist regime’

Jewish sympathizers and demonstrators protest in front of the ...

The meeting turned chaotic almost from the start when two protesters in rainbow wigs tossed red clown noses at Ahmadinejad as he began his speech with a Muslim prayer. A Jewish student group from France said it had been trying to convey “the masquerade that this conference represents.” As you may already know, Ahmadinejad’s accusation that the West used the Holocaust as a “pretext” for aggression against Palestinians still provoked walkouts by a stream of delegates including representatives of every European Union country in attendance. The walkout came after Ahmadinejad accused Western nations of complicity in violence against Palestinians surrounding the foundation of Israel.

UN security officers arrest a demonstrator who threw a clown;s ...

Conference organizers in Geneva had sought desperately to avoid the problems that marred the last global racism gathering eight years ago in Durban, South Africa. The U.S. and Israel walked out midway into that event over an attempt by Muslim countries to liken Zionism to racism.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

And Ahmadinejad was accused.. falsely, that he is anti-Semite, hateful and all sort of other propaganda garbage.. simply because he dared speak the truth: that Israel is indeed a racist country. Most of Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric was not new but its timing and high profile was in question: on the eve of of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day out of concern about its fairness. Israel’s Holocaust? There was no Israel during the Holocaust! And even if there was, the Holocaust was a name given to the Ethnic Cleansing of Jews by the Nazis. Shouldn’t it be called Jewish Holocaust Remembrance day?

Nobel peace laureate Elie Wiesel (left) and fellow demonstrators ...

No To Racism? Why not apply this to Racism against Palestinians?

That’s what the Iranian president was most likely trying to convey. The Holocaust is not a trade mark exclusive to Israel: there are many Holocausts that the world has witnessed; the Armenian Holocaust; the Kurdish Holocaust; the Palestinian Holocaust

The European and American morons did not consider that it was Jews and Israelis themselves who made such a claim from the beginning. In an article haaretzcom.gif published in December 2007, the title read:

Israel has reached new heights of racism


According to the June 2007 Democracy Index of the Israel Democracy Institute, for example, only half the public believes that Jews and Arabs must have full equal rights.

Among Jewish respondents, 55 percent support the idea that the state should encourage Arab emigration from Israel and 78 percent oppose the inclusion of Arab political parties in the government. According to a Haifa University study, 74 percent of Jewish youths in Israel think that Arabs are “unclean.”

From 1948 until 1966, Palestinians inside Israel were subject to military law, while Jews lived under civilian law. During that time, 66 percent of Arab-owned land was confiscated. In 1947, Jews owned 6.7 percent while Palestinians held the rest. Today, Israeli Palestinians, 20 percent of the population, own 2.5 percent of the land.

Discrimination inside Israel falls broadly into four categories: laws that give different privileges and rights to Jews and non-Jews; indirect discrimination not specifically linked to religion; institutional discrimination, such as allocation of municipal funds; and racism in public life, including cultural discrimination.

The legal discrimination can be seen explicitly in laws that offer automatic Israeli citizenship to Jews from anywhere in the world, while non-Jews who are married to Israeli citizens face a difficult process for acquiring citizenship.

Read more

So yes, Israel is a racist Apartheid and NaZionist state where the word democracy is used to impress the comatosed West and while this militant state continues to terrorize, ethnic cleanse and massacre Palestinians and Arabs. So what was Ahmadinejad’s crime? Simple: he probably referred to the Haaretz article!

If there is to be Durban III, then Israel should not be allowed to attend because of its own findings and classification as a Racist Country.



  1. Antievil says:

    Ahmadinejad is a HERO.
    He said the truth and the white colonialist walked out. Their little colonial project, ISRAHELL, cannot be called for what it is because that will also make them into a supporter of it. While it has been the practice for so many years the protocol is all what they have left. And the guilt of course which ISRAHELL nurtures like a baby who needs only more money and power.

    elyahu – every claim of yours is a lie. You should be ashamed of yourself but shame does not attach zionist and israelis.

    Also, this image with the people holding up posters – THEY ARE ISRAELI STUDENTS PAID FOR AND SPECIALLY SENT OUT BY THE ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTRY. It´s state sponsored propaganda HASBARA that made it into the “news”. It´s a part of the master plan to ethnically cleanse PALESTINE.

    Stay true to the struggle.
    No evil, no empire, no racist ideology will survive.
    USA is out and ISRAHELL will follow.
    The white world will soon have major issues.
    The future looks brighter…


  2. elyahu says:

    FACTS and only FACTS:
    Al Yahoud (Jews in Arabic) are the descendant of Yehuda, son of Jacob (whose name was changed to Israel).
    Therefore all the Yahouds are Benei-Israel meaning the sons of Israel. This is a fact.

    The same applies to the LEVI tribe and Cohanim. All are Benei Israel.

    The land of Israel was given by GOD to the descendants of Israel, i.e Benei – Israel. So Yehoshua, King David and King Solomon (Benei-Israel) were the leaders of the people of Israel since more 3000 years, it is a fact. They lived in the land of Israel, they built the TEMPLE of GOD in Jerusalem. FACT.

    All the other lost tribes were dispersed in all the world, maybe you are one of them. So maybe you are a jew yourselfe.

    The First monoteist religion was the Judaism after the people of Israel received the TORA (the holly BIBLE) from GOD.
    At that time there were no Muslims at all. So all the people that accept GOD as the only GOD must be jews. This is also a fact.

    • Elyahu,

      You’re entitled to your ignorance. Al Yahood does NOT mean Jews in Arabic: It is derived from the Verb Hada – or CROSSED – as in E’braniyoon (Hebrews). Hebrews were not JEWS! Again, Judaism started with the revelations of the Torah. Period.

      God did not give the land exclusively to Bani-Israeel. No Siree! He saved them from the Pharaoh and sent them to the land of Milk and Honey to live in and establish God’s laws! They rejected that simple demand even when they witnessed the miracles: the parting of the sea, the Pharaoh drowning, the 70 who accompanied Moses to “hear” God talk to Moses, etc. Therefore, their punishment was a curse: 40 years of wandering in the desert.

      The Temple of God? You mean where sin was practiced? And Solomon, according to you was a womanizer, a drunk and one who had a thousand wives? That’s not how he’s described in the Quran! He was a Muslim; therefore, if anyone has a claim to the Temple of God, it is Muslims!

      The rest of your claims are hogwash! You still refuse to believe that Judaism only started after Moses receiving the Tablets! Jesus… your ignorance is amazing!!!


  3. bigmo63 says:

    What Palestinian “holocaust?” In the Holocaust that Jews experienced in Europe and North Africa during WWII, 40% of the world’s Jewish population was murdered! Palestinians have not experienced anything even remotely similar. They suffer at the hands of their own “leaders” than they do from anyone else. The Palestinian Authority hunts down Hamas members in the West Bank, while Hamas tosses PA supporters off the roofs of high rise buildings in Gaza. They suffer secondmost at the hands of their Arab “brothers.” Jordan killed thousands during “Black September” in 1970, and Kuwait expelled thousands following its liberation from Saddam Hussein in 1991. The fact of the matter is, Palestinians do not want peace with Israel. If they did, they could have had it in 1947!

    • bigmo63,

      The Palestinian Holocaust is on going! It started by the arrival of Zionism and the stealing of lands, the massacres by Jews and the continued ethnic cleansing. Facts are facts and these are statements by your terrorist Jewish Israeli or Zionist Nazi leadership. From Ben Gurion to NetanYahoo! All documented.. and not just by foreign historians, but by Israeli professors and historians. Maybe you’re just not fully informed… or maybe you choose what information serves your purpose.

      As for 1947 peace, the facts again speak louder than your wishful thinking. Both Zionists and Palestinians REJECTED the partition initially for different reasons: The Zionist thugs wanted more land and more access to water; Palestinians could not understand why filthy Jewish Zionists from Europe have any right to steal their lands! And, if Israel wanted peace, it would not have rejected over 59 U.N. resolutions to date! How is this for a fact?


      • bigmo63 says:

        If even 1% of the so-called Palestinian “people” have been killed in their conflict with Israel over the last 60 years, I’d be amazed!
        Israel accepted the 1947 UN partition plan. Why? You didn’t answer that question! Yes, there were those who rejected it, but the elected leaders of the Yishuv (pre-state Israel) accepted it. The Arabs states and Arabs living in what would become Israel rejected it and decided instead to invade Israel.
        As for “terrorist” leadership, what would you call walking into a pizza parlor and blowing it up? Or walking into a wedding hall and blowing it up? Or hijacking a plane and executing passengers? I’d call it Palestinian peace-making!
        I think it is you, sir, who cherry-pick facts and wrap them in your opinions. However, I must applaud you on one point. You had the courage to post my reply!

        • Bigmouth,

          I’m not sure if I’m talking to a child or an adult! Obviously you need the same point repeated to get through your skull. The Zionist thugs accepted simply because they thought it was a lot better to accept and later “complete” their blasphemous dream; stealing the whole of Palestine and then seek the dream of FROM THE NILE TO THE EUPHRATES!

          Why should I accept dividing my home and giving up 2 bedrooms out of the 4 I had just because you raped my family and took the rooms by force and continued to threaten me? I’d rather fight you and RESIST until I achieve liberty or death!

          The Terrorist Leadership is wanted by the Hague buddy! Do you read the news? Or are you just busy reading Jewish NaZionist propaganda?

          But do tell me, what do you call a Jewish zealot/ madman who enters a mosque at dawn and kills all worshipers? Does Hebron 1994 ring a bell? This Baruch Goldstein is now a hero in YOUR religion because of such a massacre!

          This thug Goldstein is buried at the Meir Kahane Memorial Park in Kiryat Arba, a Jewish community adjacent to Hebron. (See Wikipedia). The park is named in memory of terrorist Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the Israeli far-right political party Kach, a group classified by the United States and Israeli governments as a terrorist organization. Goldstein was a long-time devotee of Kahane. And although this terrorist is classified as one, you people celebrate him as a hero: The grave site has become a pilgrimage site; a plaque near the grave reads “To the holy Baruch Goldstein, who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah and the nation of Israel

          This is what your religion is all about! The proof is also in Deir Yassine and other such villages where Zionists massacred every living person as a means to scare the rest of the Palestinians and force to leave.. aka, Ethnic Cleansing! History has all of this documented! Even by your kinfolk!

          I had courage to post YOUR reply? lol.. I’m simply posting your IGNORANCE and Bias!


  4. elyahu says:

    Nobody can deny nor change historical facts. On the contrary any attempt to deny Holocaust proves to the human race that the memorial of the Holocaust is essential.

    Is it important what name you give to the Holocaust? Jewish or Israeli??
    There were also other Holocausts (against Armenian, Kurdish etc.); that is the truth. The fact that there were many Holocaust only proves that any reasonable human should condemn any kind of racism and hatress.

    The second fact is simple Israel as the nation of all Jews was founded about three thousands years ago, it is written in the BIBLE and in the QURAN.

    Third fact, Israel soldiers never killed any MUSLIM because of his religion or race; Israeli soldiers killed any aggressor (ennemy soldier or terrorrist ) as a self defence reaction.

    Fourth fact, Israel is the only democraty in the Middle East region, and the only country that follows Geneva Traity and Human Rights. See how today HAMAS terrorists massacred FATAH people with no trial at all.

    If facts are important to you, then you know them, you cannot change them.

    • Elyahu,

      As you say, no one can change historical facts (although a group of Jewish extremists tried on Wikipedia recently and failed). Israel was NOT founded 3,000 years ago and no, it is NOT written in the Bible nor in the Quran. You seem to confuse Bani Isra-eel with Israel – as do most Jews and I believe it is done on purpose to lay the claim for Palestine. You see, the Quran states that Bani Israel (bani = sons, Israel = Jacob) are the 12 tribes or the sons of Jacob. Isra-el means “SERVANT of GOD.” It refers to Jacob and not to a country called Israel. Judaism only started by the revelation of the Torah. Prior to that, Bani Israe-el were, as Dr. Shlomo Sands explained in his book, the earlier Palestinians and according to Islam, the first Muslims as named by Abraham himself.

      Your third “fact” is also erroneous. Israel of course would not admit to killing a Muslim (or Christian) just because of his religion, but would justify that in other ways: 1) that it is permissible to kill Gentiles under your Talmudic teachings and 2) that any one killed by Israeli is simply labeled as terrorist! Right?

      As for the Only Democracy in the Middle East crap, you obviously did NOT read the Haaretz article proving that Israelis discriminate against Palestinians and/or demolish their homes and/or conduct Ethnic Cleansing tactics. This has been the case since the foundation of this demon called Israel. If you don’t know history, it is posted here with quotes from your early terrorist leaders and up to and including the present Wanted terrorist leadership. You just need to look with Eyes Wide Open!

      And these are the facts my dear fellow!


      • freem85 says:

        “And these are the facts my dear fellow!”

        What facts?

        Do you see no problem in using the Quran as an absolute statement of fact? What’s the point in argument when some supposedly divinely inspired text can be invoked at any time to quash disagreement.

        • freem85…

          Huh? You mean the Talmud is justified in its calling to killing Gentiles but other religions are not qualified to do the same?

          However, the “facts” are that Israel is a racist country as the Haaretz article stated. A democracy includes all and not “God’s Chosen” as Israeli NaZionists want us to believe: i.e., use religion in the same manner you described!

          Think before you write!


  5. realistic bird says:


    What was exactly racist or anti-Semitic in his speech? We die and die and we are supposed to be quiet about it because if we ever call the criminal a criminal we are labeled as haters. There isn’t enough words to describe this kind of nonsense.

    Thanks bro

    • Realitic,

      Exactly! Our blood is simply red! Theirs must be blue! It’s Nazism all over again: but now it’s the Star of David instead of the Swastika! We are expected to simply obey and follow the herds into Israeli death camps and gas chambers!

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