A Ritual in Denmark?

Posted: May 30, 2009 in Denmark, Europe, Reflections, Torture, World News
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"RED" Sea!








While it may seem incredible, even today this custom continues, in Dantesque – in the Faroe Islands, ( Denmark ). A country supposedly ‘civilized’ and an EU country at that. For many people this attack to life is unknown– a custom to ‘show’ entering adulthood. It is absolutely atrocious. No one does anything to prevent this barbarism being committed against the Calderon, an intelligent dolphin that is placid and approaches humans out of friendliness.  

This atrocity must be stopped!

  1. “show entering adulthood” ????????? Have you looked properly at the “boys” in the pictures? All of them are over 30 years old. That’s the age people become men should I understand? A teenager will never be capable to stay in freezing water (it has 8C all year around) and will never have the power to drag a 3 to 5 m long whale at the shore. I am not even talking about the incredible sharp knives used to kill them. No one is idiot enough to let a teenager handle something like that.

    I really like when people rush to believe word-by-word a stupid mail written in the most pathetic way in order to get as much simpathy possible and misinform the people. I will write down a comment I made here: http://mindsketch.wordpress.com/2009/03/03/155/#comment-31

    “If you, at least, would’ve tried to get the right information about this, you would have found out it is a specie of whale, not a dolphin, it is actually called “long-finned pilot whale”. They are part of the dolphinoide family, but their behaviour is whale-alike. Even Orca (the killer whale) is part of the dolphin family, but I don’t suppose you call it a dolphin or I’m mistaken?!

    And I found it somehow hypocritical, as long people eat meat of any kind, hunting whales only for food purpose (let me be very clear, they are hunt only for meat, not because it is a tradition, not because teenagers have to become men, not because it is funny or there is any kind of festival / custom which requires that and, the most important, they are not comercialized in any way and no one let them rotten on the beaches or any other invention I read on the Internet) is not worse than killing any other kind of other animal, raised in terrible conditons and sacrificed for the daily consumption of human kind. Oh, yes, there is a difference. Your meat materialise out of the blue in your supermarkets, the one eaten by the Faroese comes from the sea sometimes as a result of a hunt. In the end, the Faroese people do not have the luxury of cutting the animals behind the walls of the slaughteries in order to spare the public eye.”

    The truth is somewhere in the middle. It is very simple to write an e-mail, to attach some images of people cutting animals and to start making accusations and throwing stones. Maybe it was better if people, before starting writting outraged or virulent posts on blogs would have informed themselves about different things about Faroe islands, about how the economical situation is, what are the food resources, even about how hard, expensive and isolated life can sometimes be on these minuscule islands. I bet you don’t even know that the farming land is about 28 km2, does this tell you something?

    You decide what to believe and what not, but it would be better to get the facts right. In the end, you can not fight against something without knowing the whole story. In depth and as it is. Not subjectively presented by a mail.

  2. realistic bird says:

    What?! Ya Rabi, I can’t believe this. They just kill them like that?! Horrible just horrible…la hawla wala quwata ila billah. People are slaughtered, animals are slaughtered… I feel sick now.

  3. Mazin says:

    No images in this post ?

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