The Israelis must be laughing every time this idiot opens his mouth.

Mubarak: botox-infested body of ignorance!

The incredible ignorance, stupidity and arrogance of this mummy makes one wonder how and why such an uneducated (politically and otherwise) head of state would make such comments! It’s as if the Israeli are waiting for his advice and words of “wisdom!”

“I told the Israeli leadership, don’t talk about the Shalit issue and it will gradually be resolved. The more you consider the Shalit issue important, the more they [Hamas] will harden their position”

Ah Yes! Thank You Mr. Mummy! Now the Israelis will regroup and discuss this profound statement of yours!


What ignorance!

I really feel sorry for the Egyptians for having such a Pharaoh rule them! Actually, I say they deserve him! For they are the ones who are accepting this tyranny, stupidity, corruption and ignorance!

The Devil and Mubarak were having lunch once when Mubarak turned to the Devil and asked:

“Satan old chap.. give me a new idea that I could further humiliate the Egyptians with!”

Satan whispers something in Mubarak’s ear…

“Naaaah.. this is old.. I’ve done worse!”

Satan whispers something else in Mubarak’s ear…

“Naaah.. this too is old, I’ve done worse!”

Satan whispers one more idea into Mubarak’s ear…

“What’s the matter with you old chap? Are you getting old or something? Come closer and let ME tell you what I am going to do…”

Mubarak whispers in the Devil’s ear…

Satan, stunned, looked at Mubarak and said:

“Mubarak.. have Mercy man!”

  1. realistic bird says:

    You know in Egypt before the people want to protest they are taken from their homes to jail, it is like they have a bug in each house.

    Yes he advices the Israelis to save shalit the hell with the 11,000 Palestinian prisoners.

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