The Audacity of these THUGS and PIGS: they collect OUR (U.S.) support of $4 Billion a year

Yet they “slap the hand that feeds them”

These Nazis belong in Concentration Camps

They are Sub Human.


Continued deception and lies: do these thugs deserve to live?!!

Israel is to revive a 2008 plan for hundreds of homes in occupied East Jerusalem, a newspaper said yesterday, a day after the premier agreed to curtail settlement building in a gesture to Washington.

Construction of 450 housing units in the Pisgat Zeev settlement could start within six months after authorities reversed a decision to reject bids for the project because of pricing disagreements, TheMarker reported.

Now that the Israel Land Administration has accepted the appeal by companies that responded to the 2008 tender, it should take about six months for the companies to obtain the necessary construction permits, according the TheMarker, a supplement to the Haaretz newspaper.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defence Minister Ehud Barak and Housing Minister Ariel Atias on Tuesday agreed no new tenders for settlement construction in the West Bank should be issued until early 2010.

US President Barack Obama welcomed the move as a step in the right direction, although Israeli officials have stressed that the agreement did not amount to a formal government decision.

Palestinians and other critics dismissed it as insignificant, pointing out settlement construction continues in occupied Palestinian territory.

Obama’s administration has been pressing for a freeze of settlement construction as a vital step towards reviving stalled Middle East peace talks.

The Palestinian Authority said yesterday that the unofficial freeze on settlements was a “new deceiving Israeli manoeuvre.”

“Israel’s new position is not enough,” chief negotiator Saeb Erakat told reporters.

Erakat said the report that even construction inside settlements has been halted was an attempt by Israel to try and “overcome the international pressure to halt settlement activities.”

He said the world had to exert more pressure on Israel to halt settlement building completely.


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