It’s absolutely not “Antisemitism” when one speaks the truth!

Author has been accused of disseminating “a blood libel” against the Jews.

The audacity of Israelis! Dozens of “Jews” in Israel demonstrated  on Monday August 24, 2009 outside the Swedish embassy in Tel Aviv in protest of Stockholm’s ongoing “refusal” to “condemn”  the article in one of the latter’s newspapers, accusing the Israeli army of harvesting Palestinian organs!

A Palestinian family in the West Bank told the newspaper, Aftonbladet, in an article published Sunday that the body of their 19-year-old son, killed by Israeli soldiers in 1992, was returned to them wrapped in bandages and that they found a scar running from his neck to his stomach. The newspaper published a picture that the family said is their son’s body, showing the scar.

So why is the Swedish newspaper editor being forced to defend himself? Jews/ Israelis “invoke” Antisemitism any and every time they are caught red-handed! Is the FBI antisemitic for arresting dozens of Rabbis committing fraud and caught red-handed?

Then we have the terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu who on Sunday, called for the Swedish government to condemn the article! Ironic, isn’t it? The NaZionist committing crimes against humanity against Palestinians have the audacity to shout foul!

And The Proof?

Bilal Achmed Ghanan, 19, sköts och fördes bort av israeliska

44 Charged by U.S. in New Jersey Corruption Sweep,7340,L-3751358,00.html

Organ Trafficking

Rabbis accused of money-laundering were Saul Kassin, chief rabbi of a large Syrian Jewish synagogue in Brooklyn; Eliahu Ben Haim, principal rabbi of a synagogue in Deal; Edmund Nahum, principal rabbi of another synagogue in Deal; and Mordchai Fish, a rabbi at a synagogue in Brooklyn. “His business was to entice vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $10,000 which he would turn around and sell for $160,000,” said Marra.

The probe also uncovered Levy Izhak Rosenbaum of Brooklyn, who is accused of conspiring to broker the sale of a human kidney for a transplant. According to the complaint, Rosenbaum said he had been brokering sale of kidneys for 10 years.



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