NaZionists and Jewish extremists have long wanted us to believe that their religion is “ancient” to justify the continued stealing the land of Palestine, in the name of “religion.”

And should you question the lies, you are quickly accused of being an anti-Semite! Funny, the war crimes these people continue to commit against humanity in the name of religion are considered what then? Their defiance of over 60 UN reolutions are an indication of what? The Apartheid Wall they built to segregate Palestinians or the special license plates issued to Palestinians are considered what? The anti-Semitic ethnic cleansing of Palestinians should be labeled what then?

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stands in front of the Western ...

The Lie:

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stands in front of the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest prayer site, in Jerusalem’s Old City September 14, 2009, as he takes part in a “global day of prayer” called by Orthodox rabbis in response to what they described as mounting threats to Israel. The Jewish state is eyeing Iran’s nuclear programme and is under U.S.-led pressure to enter peace talks with the Palestinians that could entail ceding occupied biblical land. Some of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews have also been protesting against the state’s secular domestic policies.

The Truth:

  1. The Wall in reference above is called the Al Buraq Wall. For those knowledgeable in Islamic history, you know the significance of the wall.
  2. Mounting threats against Israel? This country of pagans and terrorists own the largest arsenal of nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East and continue to threaten and terrorize the region with this arsenal. We’ve seen what weapons they’ve used in Lebanon and Gaza against civilians: dime and phosphorous bombs, targeting pregnant women and children and calling for the extermination of Palestinians.
  3. Biblical Land? Judaism only started after the revelation of the Torah. Therefore, Abraham, Jacob, the Israelites (bani-Israee’l) and David and Solomon had nothing to do with Judaism! They did not even know what the word meant!
  4. Secular domestic policies: indeed.. the state is farthest from being “Jewish!” Crimes in the name of religion are usually produced by secular thugs and terrorists disguised in Jewish clothing!

An Israeli army officer salutes as a vehicle, carrying the coffin ...

The Lie:

An Israeli army officer salutes as a vehicle, carrying the coffin of Asaf Ramon, arrives at the cemetery near Nahalal, northern Israel September 14, 2009. Israel on Monday mourned the death of Asaf Ramon, the fighter pilot son of an astronaut killed in the 2003 Columbia space shuttle disaster, and the prime minister postponed talks on Middle East peace to attend his funeral. Ramon, 21, was killed on Sunday in what the military described as a training accident when his F-16 ploughed into the hills of the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The Truth:

Accident? I say that God decided to rid the world of another terrorist who drops phosphorous bombs on Palestinian civilians!

An Israeli air force Black Hawk flies over the scene of a plane ...

The Lie:

An Israeli air force Black Hawk flies over the scene of a plane crash near the West Bank Jewish settlement of Pnei Hever, near Hebron September 13, 2009

The Truth:

  1. West Bank Jewish Settlement? Read this. And this!

    This New York Times report indicated that at least 40% of the settlement are built on stolen Palestinian lands!

  2. Why does Israel build illegal settlements in occupied territories? Are they running out of space? They simply bring these terrorists from Europe and other places – when they had no connection whatsoever with the land of Palestine, arm them and let them roam the streets freely and allow them to kill Palestinians – any Palestinian – under the guise of self defense!

The Truth:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks during a meeting ...

Israeli Prime Minister Terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu talks during a meeting of the Foreign Affairs committee in the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, in Jerusalem, Monday, Sept. 14, 2009. Israeli media say Netanyahu has told lawmakers that Israel will not totally freeze West Bank settlement construction. They say Netanyahu also told a parliamentary panel that Israel will continue to build as usual in east Jerusalem

And we are expected to believe that the Israeli thugs want Peace? Surely, these Nazis mean “Piece!”


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