AshkeNazi and Sephardi terrorists enraged!

This blog has challenged their brainwashing tactics about their illegal claims to the Holy Land!

Just reading Wikipedia’s definitions of the origins of these people is proof enough that Palestine never belonged to these morons. As stated time and again, from Abraham and to David and Solomon, the Israelites were anything but Jewish!

According to the Bible, the Israelites (sometimes referred to as “The Twelve Tribes“) were the descendants of the Biblical patriarch Jacob. They were divided into twelve tribes, each descended from one of twelve sons or grandsons of Jacob.

The term Israelite derives from Israel (Hebrew: ישראל (Standard: Yisraʾel; Tiberian: Yiśrāʾēl)), the name given to Jacob after the death of Isaac. (Genesis 32:28-29). His descendants are called the House of Jacob, the Children of Israel, the People of Israel, or the Israelites. [Note: Hebrew and Judaism are not synonymous]

The Hebrew Bible is mainly concerned with the Israelites. According to it, the Land of Israel was promised to them by God. Jerusalem was their capital and the site of the temple at the center of their faith. [Ironically, Judaism had not yet been “revealed” until after Moses came with the Torah].

The Israelites became a local political power with the United Monarchy of Kings Saul, David and Solomon, from c. 1025 BCE[citation needed]. Zedekiah, king of Judah (597-586 BCE), is considered the last king from the House of David.


Zionists cleverly created the name Israel for the stolen state so that they would lead the sheep of this world to believe that Israel (the state) and Israelite (the sons and descendants of Israel [Jacob]) are one and the same! Remember, it is these people who recently attempted changing and rewriting Wikipedia information so that new terminology supporting their claims would become the de facto standard!

They failed!

Yet they continue with Ethnic Cleansing attempts, home demolitions, Palestinian Body Parts trading and other crimes that Hitler himself wished he had implemented!



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