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كما تكونوا يولى عليكم

This shmuck Abbas and his cabinet of so-called Palestinians should be burnt alive!

This is the minimum punishment for such treason! How dare this scum bag do this?

Abbas Helps Israel bury its Crimes!

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This latest surrender comes less than two weeks after Abbas appeared at a summit in New York with US President Barack Obama and Netanyahu despite Obama abandoning his demand that Israel halt construction of Jewish-only settlements on occupied Palestinian land


Recorded phone call

Shahab also reported that Avraham played an audiotape of a telephone call between Dov Weissglas, the director of the Israel’s chief of staff bureau, and al-Tayyib Abdul Rahim, secretary-general of the Palestinian presidency.

In the conversation, Abdul Rahim says that circumstances were suitable for entry of the Israeli army into Jabalya and al-Shatea refugee camps, and adds that the fall of these two camps would end Hamas’s rule in Gaza Strip, Shahab says.

Weissglas then told Abdul Rahim that this operation would lead to the death of thousands of civilians, but, according to Shahab, Abdul Rahim said: “They have all elected Hamas, so they are the ones who have chosen their fate, not us.”

Do readers now understand why people vote for Hamas?

Any Palestinian out there with half-a brain should disown any allegiance to this thug and his cabinet. Every FUCKING one of them. These people are traitors and should be executed… the penalty for treason.

“Is it reasonable for Israel to commit all these crimes against Gaza, all this destruction, all this devastation, all this killing of civilians, all these institutions, mosques, and universities it has demolished, these war crimes which Israel has committed and the white phosphorus?

“… after this a Palestinian voice emerges and asks for delaying looking into the results reached by the fact-finding committee, despite the few reservations we have on it, but a Palestinian voice comes to ask the world to postpone discussing it? What a shame”

Khaled Meshaal, the political chief of Hamas

Abbas has proven himself, once again that he’s just like Mubarak (Egypt’s Pharaoh) and the rest of the Useless Arab so-called leaders!

Goldstone responds with:

“A culture of impunity in the region has existed for too long, the lack of accountability for war crimes and possible war crimes against humanity has reached a crisis point,” he said.

“The ongoing lack of justice is undermining any hope for a successful peace process and reinforcing an environment that fosters violence.”

Calling on FATAH loyalists

Isn’t time you abandon Abbas’ stinking sinking NaZionist ship? Liberate yourselves!

The time has come to liberate Palestine from the filthy AshkeNazi and Sephardic pieces of shit! The time is now to make Palestine Holy again: the land of honorable Prophets: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus and many others…

Rise Palestinians! Cleanse your lands… but first, from the likes of the so-called Palestinian schmucks and traitors: Abbas’ party!



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