The enemy is the only appropriate reference to the NaZionist and illegal state improperly named Israel. For Israel was Jacob, a great Prophet. The country that uses his name is but the Devil himself.

As such, the enemy’s way of thinking is simply mind boggling. They really think that they are a victim of a small group of resistance freedom fighters – be it Hamas or any Palestinian. The same old blame, that Hamas fired rockets on the enemy’s civilians is incredibly ludicrous. First, because Palestinians have every right to free and rid their country from the European “Jewish” Nazis: Sephardic and AshkeNazi gypsies and tribes that do not have the slightest connection to the Holy Land. And second, because when injustice is the normal way with which the enemy practices its inhumane and barbaric policies against Palestinians, the only alternative is to revolt, rise and  fight back!

The Palestinian people living under foreign occupation clearly have the right to resist any occupation.

Yet the enemy’s way of thinking is that they have the right to defend themselves while Palestinians are to simply sit tight and watch as their lands are stolen, homes demolished, children massacred and their travels restricted in the most inhumane methods!

How dare Palestinians resist and seek freedom and justice?

Their is an Arabic saying that goes something like this: If you have – or feel – no shame, then do as you please!

And this is how the Enemy’s state conducts its policies. No one in the world is allowed to criticize, question or interfere in their Nazi-like policies, ethnic cleansing and targeting and massacring women and children as a means of “entertaining” their so-called forces who are nothing but terrorists and scum.

In the Jerusalem Post article about the Goldstone report, one such scum attempts to sound educated and objective about this issue! Amazingly, he stated that the report was “clearly flawed since it did not address the points – in the enemy’s messed up way of thinking, the following:

  1. The Goldstone report begins its investigation with the start of the Gaza campaign, although Hamas had been firing rockets on a daily basis at innocents in the Negev for years prior.
  2. There was no consideration of the kidnapping of Gilad Schalit, held captive for more than three years without access to any international bodies, which is a violation of every convention that judges war crimes.
  3. The report makes no mention of the wider regional dangers that Israel faces, that is, the ties between Hamas and Iran, which threatens the Jewish state with genocide – a prime violation of the United Nations Charter.
  4. The report skips over the violent takeover of Gaza by Hamas, whose clear intention was to attack Israel.
  5. The disengagement from Gaza with the removal of the army and settlements plays no role in the report’s evaluation.
  6. A country’s right to self-defense held little concern for the Goldstone committee.
  7. Since much of the testimony of the Gazans was conducted in public, it is naïve to believe that Palestinians would admit to Hamas’s endangering their safety for fear that they would be incarcerated, kidnapped or killed.
  8. Nowhere does the report acknowledge the fact that Hamas mercilessly killed more than 100 Fatah members during the war.

Is this not amazing, superficial and incredibly ignorant? Source: JP.

Notice the repeated “arguments” that the enemy is presenting? Removing the repeated points makes the article shorter and shrinks the list down to 3 points.. not worth presenting! Or how about the hypocrisy in point 6? So Palestinians too have the right to self-defense!

The report was conducted to determine the Enemy’s disproportionate and barbaric acts, havoc, death and destruction they caused in Gaza. If the above moron expected the report to address the “wider regional” issues, then let’s include the illegal immigration of Jews and the stealing of Palestine and the massacres they have committed since 1948.

We also should thank the writer for his “humane” concern over point 8. What Hamas “did” was merciless but what the Enemy did to thousnads of Palestinians women and children was normal?

He really seems to care about some Palestinians: those who collaborate with the enemy!


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