The stupidity and ignorance of these Egyptians specifically and Arabs in general is just overwhelmingly embarrassing. While the filth of Judaism and Zionism continue to steal, massacre and humiliate Arab Palestinians, Arabs are more concerned with a soccer-match results!

Your Sacred sites are under attack! The NaZionists are about to destroy Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock while you are busy with %$#@ soccer results! Direct your protests to your Palestinian brothers and sisters! Demand your Pharaoh to step down.. his Botox-infested face belongs in a Museum.. next to Hitler!

It’s time for Arabs to annihilate NaZionism and return the land to its rightful owners!

Football protests continue in Egypt

Algeria’s 1-0 victory over Egypt means the largest Arab nation has failed to qualify again [AFP]

Demonstrators have gathered for a second day near the Algerian embassy in Cairo, protesting against attacks on Egyptians during an Algeria-Egypt qualifying match for football’s World Cup finals.

The protest on Friday follows Cairo’s decision to recall its ambassador to Algeria, accusing Algerian fans of thuggery during the match in Sudan on Wednesday – which Algeria won 1-0 to qualify for next year’s World Cup.

The interior ministry warned Egyptians against further protests after 11 police officers and 24 demonstrators were injured in riots near the embassy at dawn on Friday.

Such demonstrations are almost rare in Cairo.

“The police will be forced to take steps it sees necessary in the case of any other contraventions of the law,” the ministry said in a statement.

Violent protest

About 150 demonstrators gathered on Friday in the Zamalek neighbourhood, where many embassies are located.

Police trucks and hundreds of officers in riot gear formed a cordon along the streets to block their way to the Algerian embassy, a witness told Reuters news agency.

Passing cars hooted and some waved Egyptian flags in support of the demonstrators. Stones and broken glass from the previous night’s violence littered the street.

About 2,000 demonstrators gathered during the night and many began throwing bottles and stones after a police charge to break up the crowd. Two police vehicles were overturned.

Sudan hosted the Egypt-Algeria tie amid unprecedented security, deploying thousands of police to prevent trouble.

An earlier match played in Egypt last Saturday also triggered violence, with the Algerian players complaining that their team bus was attacked by Egyptian supporters.

Reprisal attacks reportedly followed in Algeria, with Cairo alleging that Egyptian firms and businesses were targeted in Algiers, the Algerian capital.

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