Obama,  the President of the United States… is no different from any other President! There’s no change and all the promises were just a blow… err.. I mean a sales job to get elected!

The question is about Human Rights you ass! Not the damned conflict!!! Allowing Palestinians to be imprisoned in the 21st Century Auschwitz Camp is simply Nazism any way you slice it. This time, committed by Israel and the Government of the United States!

How can anyone claim that Israel is a damned democracy when even its own citizens – as Israel claims – are discriminated against? Arab Israelis, as they are called, do NOT have the same rights as the rest. Any fu*^$ng Jew is granted citizenship in Israel while the Palestinians get their status revoked if they leave, for example, Jerusalem for a while! Imagine!!!

This is a new name for Ethnic Cleansing!

The Black President will go down in history, like those before him, as a man who practiced and endorsed Nazism and Racism.

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