How dare they!

The audacity of Israeli terrorists themselves! Calling themselves soldiers, they kill women and children, humiliate and detain anyone and everyone yet dare claim that activists are committing acts of “violence?”

Really, these Zionists belong in just one place: the bottom of the Mediterranean!

By DIAA HADID, Associated Press Writer Diaa Hadid, Associated Press Writer

RAMALLAH, West Bank – Israeli troops broke down the door of an apartment in the Palestinian-ruled West Bank town of Ramallah on Sunday and arrested two pro-Palestinian activists from Spain and Australia, their roommate said.

The Israeli military said the two women overstayed their visas, but also alleged they were involved in violent protests in the West Bank. Their lawyer, Omer Shatz, said he believes the pair were targeted for what he described as peaceful protests against Israeli policies in the West Bank.

The two women are members of the International Solidarity Movement, which has been active in the Palestinian territories for several years.

Shatz said the women were in detention but that a judge issued an order preventing their deportation. He identified them as Ariadna Jove Marti, 25, of Spain, and Bridgette Chappell, 21, of Australia.

The women’s roommate, Ryan Olander, said about a dozen Israeli soldiers broke into the apartment before dawn Sunday and demanded to see everyone’s passports. Soldiers searched the apartment, confiscated a laptop and two video cameras and told the women to pack up their things, said Olander, of St. Paul, Minnesota.

International Solidarity Movement activists show up at points of friction between Israeli troops and Palestinian demonstrators, often trying to block the soldiers. They take part in weekly protests against Israel’s West Bank separation barrier.

At the protests, Palestinian teens routinely throw stones at soldiers, who respond with tear gas, stun grenades and sometimes live ammunition. Israel says the barrier is meant to keep Palestinian attackers out, while Palestinians say it’s a land grab.

In recent months, Israel has intensified its crackdown on those involved in the barrier protests, arresting dozens of Palestinians.

Sunday’s raid marked only the second time troops have seized foreigners from a Palestinian-ruled area of the West Bank. In January, a Czech activist with the International Solidarity Movement was detained in Ramallah and deported.

An Israeli military spokesman said the two women arrested Sunday were involved in “riots and other acts of violence.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity, in line with military regulations.

Elsewhere in the Stolen Holy Land

The caption reads:

A man stands on a snowy Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights near the Israel-Syria border February 7, 2010.The Golan Heights form a strategic plateau between Israel and Syria of about 1,200 square kilometres (460 square miles). Israel captured it in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed it in 1981 in a move not recognized internationally.

If it’s not recognized internationally, then why didn’t the Allied Forces  conquer this Zionist bunch of thugs and throw them out in the same manner that Saddam was?

When such injustice exists, is it any wonder why peace will never exist? 61 years of Israeli terror, massacres, land stealing and occupation and they still live in fear… and that is just how tyrants live!


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