Sir Ben Kingsley: Muslims & “Dark Ages”

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Arab, Civilization, Dark Ages, Europe, Islam, Middle East, Muslims, Religion
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  1. samhenry says:

    So you have a magic book as well. Remarkable world view. It must leave some room for individual development or the inventions would not have made it down to us.

    I played cello so I always knew their ancestor was the Arab “rebec” – I think I have the spelling down here. So all of the lovely and sonorous stringed instruments from China to San Francisco and beyond were born in the mind of an Arab.

    Then there are our numbers, algebra, etc. Most remarkable: the fact that later generations and cultures brought these inventions to fruition. It takes a time-village!

  2. @ Jesusland – History and facts cannot be ignored because people choose to be ignorant, racist or anti-Semitic.

    It is no secret that the Muslims had fallen. Contributing to this was the continued assaults on the region including the Crusades and followed by the Colonization of the “Empire” and its resources. The Divide and Conquer philosophy worked brilliantly. The “Empire” went from being the greatest democracy – one land and one people – to little countries and dictatorships to further divide and conquer.

    see and

    Later, dictators divided and conquered from within by heritage, tribes, religions or any other means: men and women! In other words, they shunned Islam for the mighty “gold and silver.” The result is what you see today.

    History does repeat itself: the 21st century shows that colonialism is alive and well – and this time, we wrap it in what we call “democracy.” This gives us the “right” to divide and conquer: Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran (next?), and the Caspian Sea countries or areas (next).

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