Passover is a “Jewish and Samaritan holy day” and festival commemorating the biblical event of Hebrews’ escape from enslavement in Egypt.

Passover is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays (Yom Tov), and is commemorated by many affiliated and non affiliated Jews alike as a time to contemplate the endurance of the Jewish people throughout history.

The Hebrews were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a spring lamb and, upon seeing this, the spirit of the Lord passed over these homes, hence the term “passover”

So we go from Jewish Holiday to Hebrews! Are you paying attention? Hebrews were NOT Jews!

The “Jewish and Israeli hardened hearts” will sympathize with the Hebrews – a way to hijack a religion and use as a claim to Palestine- yet these same hearts will not yield sympathy or feelings to other humans, particularly Palestinians! For 62 years, Jews, Israeli, Zionists or whatever one wishes to refer to them, have been using every trick in the book to start wars and steal more of Palestinian lands.

Jews or Hebrews?

The Hebrews are generally regarded as either the same people or as ancestors of the Israelites, but some regard the use of the term by the Egyptians as referring to all peoples who came “across the river” (meaning a category of foreigner) of which the Israelites were a small part. [Wikipedia.]

The issue with Passover and the hypocritical commemoration of the ancient Hebrews’ “escape” from enslavement in Egypt, is the hijacking of history and religion to use as a deed-of-trust for claims to Palestinian lands!

The Hebrews in question could not have been Jews! Moses had not yet received the Commandments nor had he delivered the children (descendants) of Jacob (Israel) from the Pharaoh.

  1. The Hebrews in Egypt were “bani-Isra’eel” (descendants of Jacob) – Jacob was not Jewish either! Therefore Bani Isra’eel were not Jewish since Moses had not yet come with the “message” revealed in the Commandments!
  2. Even if we entertain the idea that these people were Jewish – an impossibility in itself, these people still rejected Moses and the Divine message. They questioned Moses and God’s message. Even when they witnessed God’s miracles, and they crossed the parting sea – witnessing the grandest of miracles, and then witnessed the Pharaoh drown before their very eyes, they still sought to “create” and build a “god” to worship – in the shape of a golden calf!  Moses meanwhile, was on the Mountain receiving the commandments.
  3. Upon Moses return and seeing his followers worship an IDOL, he angrily smashed the Tablets as he was disgusted with how superficial, ignorant and impatient these followers were!
  4. The Punishment of 40 years – in the Sinai was God’s “reward” to an unappreciative and ungrateful bunch!

So for Passover to celebrate an escape from slavery raises the question: whose slavery are the Jews referring to? Is this an invented “group” as Dr. Shlomo Sand, an Israeli historian, raised in his book: “When And How the Jewish People Was Invented”

There Is No Jewish History

It is an established fact that not a single Jewish history text had been written between the 1st century and early 19th century. The fact that Judaism is based on a religious historical myth may have something to do with it.

Similarly, the claim that God promised Palestine to the Jews through Abraham, is just as ludicrous. Abraham and the appearance of Judaism had hundreds of years between them!

An adequate scrutiny of the Jewish past was never a primary concern within the Rabbinical tradition. One of the reasons is probably the lack of a need of such a methodical effort. For the Jew who lived during ancient times and the Middle Ages, there was enough in the Bible to answer most relevant questions having to do with day-to-day life, Jewish meaning and fate. As Shlomo Sand puts it, “a secular chronological time was foreign to the ‘Diaspora time’ that was shaped by the anticipation for the coming of the Messiah”.

Embarrassingly enough, not much was found in Sinai to prove the story of the legendary Egyptian Exodus, seemingly 3 million Hebraic men, women and children were marching in the desert for 40 years without leaving a thing behind. Not even a single matzo ball, very non-Jewish one may say.

In his book Sand takes it further and suggests that until the First Arab Uprising (1929) the so-called leftist Zionist leaders tended to believe that the Palestinian peasants who are actually ‘Jews by origin’ would assimilate within the emerging Hebraic culture and would eventually join the Zionist movement.

Ber Borochov believed that “a falachThis very idea reappeared in Ben Gurion’s and Ben-Zvi’s text in 1918. Both Zionist leaders realised that Palestinian culture was soaked with Biblical traces, linguistically, as well as geographically (names of villages, towns, rivers and mountains). Both Ben Gurion and Ben-Zvi regarded, at least at that early stage, the indigenous Palestinians as ethnic relatives who were holding close to the land and potential brothers. They as well regarded Islam as a friendly ‘democratic religion’. Clearly, after 1936 both Ben-Zvi and Ben Gurion toned down their ‘multicultural’ enthusiasm. As far as Ben Gurion is concerned, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians seemed to be far more appealing. (Palestinian Peasant), dresses as a Jew, and behaves as a working class Jew, won’t be at all different from the Jew”.


There’s no such thing as ancient Jews (dating to Jacob or Abraham). The Israelis hijacked the Prophet’s name (Israel: Jacob) so that the issue will be confused for Christians and the rest of the world. AshkeNazim and Sephardi Jewish nomads from Europe have as much right in Palestine as do European Christians in claiming that Jerusalem or Bethlehem are theirs because of the Churches of Nativity and Holy Sepulcher!   Just as Palestine does not belong to European Christians, it never once belonged to Jews. There was never a “promise” by God as the blasphemous claim goes.  Judaism was once practiced in Palestine just as Christianity and Islam are practiced. The difference is – and according to Israeli numbers and sources, the Jews were always a small minority.

No happy wishes of passover then to the Apartheid non-democratic terror so-called state of Israel: the state of liars, murderers of children and women and militant thugs cleared to kill Palestinians by their barbaric laws!

Palestine shall be free from Zionism!


  1. You are silly. Of course the Land of Israel belonged to the Jews. Or do you think that Zionist agents built a time machine, when back to the past, and paid the Assyrians, Baylonians, and Romans to write about their wars against the Jews?

    • And why does Palestine belong to the Jews (judaism is a religion)? Jews were living among others so what gives them the right to claim a piece of land based on their beliefs? With this logic, Jews should also claim the areas in Russia where the Khazars were! There’s your Greater Israel now! 🙂

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