The movie Sex and the City 2 is nothing more than trash and white-trash, to be exact.

Indifferent to anything modest or decent, the movie jokes about women in burqas and has gossip about whether a Middle Eastern butler is gay.

The movie’s director Michael Patrick King said any off-kilter notes were in keeping with the characters’ normal behavior, whether they be in Abu Dhabi or New York. “The reality is Samantha Jones is outrageous wherever she goes,” he said, “whether it be Starbucks … or Abu Dhabi.”

I beg to differ.

“The characters are trying to make sense of [burqas]” said Nixon. “Is it their choice? Or is it men’s choice and what does it make them feel?”

Under the guise of “keeping with the characters’ normal behavior,” the movie’s director is joining the ignorant of indirectly attacking Islam and Muslims. Or may be it’s a direct but camouflaged attack!

Abu Dhabi

I’ve been to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The cities are more modern than most U.S. cities in America. And should some women there wear the “hijab” – ignorantly referred to as Burqa, it’s utterly by choice. Just as western women feel it’s normal to show off their tits-and-ass and enjoy lustful looks from sex-hungry men, (who by the way look at these women as a piece of meat: I bet she’s a good f&*^..  they would say), women in hijab or those very modestly dressed, think it’s quite normal to be  modest and honorable.

Women of Abu Dhabi

They probably wonder themselves if these “Whores-in-the-City” are whores by choice or being forced to act as such, as a result of “Western-civilized” pressures on women.


  1. nsowon says:


    The ignorance you refer to is very clear in your views and comment. Read the article again. You seem fine with criticizing other religions and cultures but not “your own?” This is equivalent to referring to Timothy McVeigh and Andrew Joseph Stack as just crazy distraught people instead of terrorists!

    This is ignorance.


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