Exposing lies is so simple. Especially when Israeli Zionist thugs want to cover-up their murderous nature.

Lie # One:

This blog, called Middle East Informer, posted pictures about Gaza – and or the abundance of food in Gaza! Jonathan Boyko’s – with all his ignorance and propaganda – forgot a simple fact! The Date of the Photo!

He simply “cleaned up” the “photo’s info” so that you, the average reader, won’t find the truth! Taking a photo out of context to spread his lies just discredited his blog.  It’s just propaganda: in other words, it’s a big LIE!

The other in August of 2008. The beauty of this one: it’s an Israeli Source!

The world had already witnessed first hand the truth: Israeli terror, massacres and Nazism – Rabbis ordering Israeli soldiers – and allowing them – to kill everyone: men, women, children! All from Israeli sources. All as reported by Haaretz!

Lie # 2

This is just as “good.”

He shows a photo of Palestinian children carrying guns!

I left a comment on his site that stated the following:

124 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,441 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000. (View Sources & More Information)

We know who the Terrorist is…

I added that it was Israel who is a Nazionist state or something to this effect!

His reply was lovely: “[Edited by moderator: Hatespeech, racism and propaganda will not be allowed on this blog]

Interesting: but the photo with the children carrying guns and the comment with it, was.. ehem.. not propaganda and hate speech?

Jonathan: let’s look at the facts, you ignorant Zionist propagandist!

Click Here

Informer, you are not.  “LIAR” describes you better!

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