The Israelis and their supporters continue the PR [BS] campaign and spinning the truth – as they have in the past. Their lies and arrogance must be opposed.

Please write your congressman immediately and demand an immediate lifting of the illegal blockade against Palestinians, particularly in Gaza. Use the letter below as a guideline.

Dear Congressperson,

The People of Gaza have suffered enormously since the illegal blockade and collective punishment imposed by Israel.

While we support the freedom and dignity of all people living in the region, we denounce any and all terrorist activity on both sides, including home demolitions, forced evacuations of Palestinians and ethnic cleansing as well as violence against Israeli civilians.  Palestinians have human rights too and deserve independence, the freedom to elect a legible government and be free from occupation.

In light of the recent altercation that took place off Gaza’s coast and in International Waters on Monday May 31, 2010 and which resulted in the heinous crime and murder of more than 10 peace activists delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, as inspected and declared by the Turkish government,  the United States must continue to uphold our values by supporting the immediate lifting of the illegal embargo and blockade against 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza.

The truth about the Freedom Flotilla has been established and the following must be taken into consideration:

  • This mission was humanitarian and provided much needed aid to Palestinian civilians. It attempted to peacefully break the illegal blockade of 1.5 Million Palestinians.
  • Neither Egypt nor Israel officially or formally offered to have the boats allowed in their ports to transport the supplies to Gaza. As other peace organizations experienced in the past, neither country allowed humanitarian AID to go through; a fact witnessed by some members of Congress.
  • International allies of Palestinians never used any opportunity to transport weapons into Gaza.  This fact was established on the Freedom Flotilla which was inspected by Turkey and who provided assurances to the Israeli government prior to the Flotilla’s sail.
  • The naval blockade is illegal, inhumane and creates an Auschwitz-like Camp in the 21st century, that creates nothing but suffering and death for the Palestinians.
  • Israel has never been in compliance with international law.

I am a member of your district who values the freedom, liberty and safety of living in America. Likewise, the Palestinian people deserve that same liberty, justice and and freedom. I appreciate your support of the immediate lifting of the illegal Israeli blockade.



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