Israeli commando terrorist who shot six passengers in aid convoy in line for medal!!!

The audacity, arrogance and defiance! These barbarians are challenging the world knowing that the U.S. Administration is supporting their Nazi Agenda!!!

The latest on the fallout from the flotilla raid

Six of the nine passengers killed in an Israeli raid on an aid convoy bound for Gaza were shot by a single Israeli commando, who is being considered for a medal of valour for saving his injured comrades as passengers attacked them with clubs, knives and even guns they had taken from downed Navy Seals.

Fresh details of the controversial raid, which has led to accusations of “piracy” and “state terrorism” being levelled against Israel, and which wrecked its strategic partnership with Turkey, emerged yesterday. There were reports that passengers who attacked the Israeli boarding party had been dragging three captured commandos into the hold of the ship when the shooting broke out.

And a British passenger who witnessed the deadly pre-dawn encounter in international waters said that some of the more peaceful activists on board had tried to protect captured Israeli soldiers being set upon by a hardcore of passengers, most of them believed to be Turks linked to an Islamic charity accused by Israel of having links to extremists.

The Israeli commando terrorist who killed six of the passengers of Mavi Marmara, the Turkish ferry owned by the IHH charity, said that he had been the last of 15 soldiers to rappel down the rope from an overhead helicopter on to the decks of the ship, which he described as “a battlefield”.

Massacred by Israeli Terrorist

NaZionist Version

Identified for security reasons only as Staff Sergeant S, he said that contrary to initial Israeli Army reports, the shooting had started within minutes as he and his comrades were set upon by a “mob of mercenaries”.

As he landed on the ship’s top deck, he said he saw three of his superior officers who had landed ahead of him lying wounded, one with a bullet wound to the stomach, another shot in the knee and the third beaten unconscious.

Taking charge, he formed his men in a perimeter around the wounded, pulled his 9mm Glock pistol and opened fire on passengers he accused of shooting at the boarding party with guns taken off the first soldiers, who had been overwhelmed as they landed one by one.

“When I hit the deck, I was immediately attacked by people with bats, metal pipes and axes,” the sergeant recalled. “These were without a doubt terrorists. [Yet he is not a terrorist?] I could see the murderous rage in their eyes and that they were coming to kill us.” – Drama Queen, ain’t he?

He said he saw one of the passengers holding a seized pistol to another Israeli commando’s head. Notice that if this was true and the Activist was really a terrorist, then why wouldn’t the activist have shot the Israeli bastard?

His accusation that his assailants were mercenaries was based on the large amounts of cash found on a number of the detained and killed passengers, although other officials have suggested the money was destined to be given to Hamas in Gaza if the convoy succeeded in breaking the Israeli naval blockade.

New footage released by Israel, and apparently filmed by activists before the boarding had started before dawn on Monday, showed an Israeli assault craft full of helmeted commandos pull alongside the Mavi Marmara, where men waving metal pipes and a chain leant overboard to ward them off.

Others were emptying fire hoses at the Israeli boat below, while a stun grenade was dropped into the vessel, exploding among the soldiers.

Some Israeli officials have accused the Turks who attacked them of links to terrorist groups, although it was unclear why, in that case, the soldiers of Flotilla 13, the elite Navy Seals unit involved in the operation, were briefed only to expect peaceful resistance.

The question also remained as to why the passengers, if they were indeed terrorists, did not use deadlier weapons against the approaching naval launches and helicopters hovering overhead.

Alexandra Lort-Phillips, 37, an activist from Hackney, was on the Mavi Marmara when it was stormed and described seeing an Israeli soldier taken down into the stairwell below the deck where the soldiers landed.

“I went down the stairwell and there was a massive crowd of people and lots of shouting,” she said, after being deported to Istanbul.

“They had got a soldier who had boarded the ship from the roof. There was a sense of ‘My god, we’ve got an Israeli soldier’. I don’t think we really knew what we were going to do.”

“I saw a gun being taken. His gunbelt was removed and someone, I don’t know who, ran past me with the weapon and disappeared. They could have shot him but didn’t.” She said around 25 people were gathered around the soldier, who was held by his legs and stripped to his underwear as he was restrained.

“The women who were there were shouting ‘Don’t hurt him’.” Ms Lort-Phillips denied he was beaten, but said: “There were obviously some guys there who were extremely agitated by the situation. It is like you’d expect when there’s a fight between men.” As Israel desperately tried to limit the damage caused by the bloodbath on the high seas, the organisers of the aid flotilla said another boat was due to challenge the blockade and make for Gaza at the weekend.

The Rachel Corrie, an Irish-flagged ship, is named after a young American peace activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003 while trying to prevent the army from demolishing a Palestinian home in Gaza. Organisers said it was steaming straight for Gaza with Mairead Maguire, winner of an Irish Nobel Peace Prize, on board.

  1. samhenry says:

    We risk becoming the best informed society that ever died of ignorance.

    The above is a wise and memorable phrase. I try to keep a balance on my blog from newspapers around the world. Sadly, on the flotilla issue, the Israeli press gets many points out first such as the fact that the Turkish Prime Minister may not only send his navy to accompany the next flotilla or ship that challenges the blockade but he himself may be among the passengers. He is a courageous man with feet in two worlds.

    I am a former librarian. It is why, on my blog, there are few personal opinions. I welcome conservatives and liberals. I am independent leaning right and left depending on the issue or the candidate.

    I blog on pro and anti-Israel blogs. Pro and anti-American blogs. It is the only way you learn. Talking to yourself in limiting your conversations does not allow for growth.

    I am very, very honest about the world view of the British Isles from which many of my ancestors have come. They prospered in a world that from the decks of their ships seemed backward and in need of their expertise. That is how Israel came into being. Palestinians were unaware that Israel needed to be born – it was only fair – and that they should sacrifice their lands. This will never be right. The hatred will never go away. The end will not be pretty.

    The hatred toward the US is another thing. In major ways it is deserved however, if you lived here you would know that we live with issues from illegal immigration to a welfare state to the environment that in North America are complex because all of us here are from all over. We more or less have to attempt to listen to one another.

    Finally, I do not judge people by their religion, their race or their national origin. I have students boarding in our house from all over the world. It is wonderful. And I never even ask what is their religion. When they attack me, then I’ll start analysis that has to do with race, religion, gender, etc. But meanwhile, why divide us anymore than we have to.

    Your points are well taken and made. I am saddened at your anger. You are obviously a brilliant and creative person. You have a very good site.

    • Sam Henry,

      Thank you for your visit. I read your profile. You obviously didn’t read mine or skimmed my posts – which are mostly reports from Israeli sources.

      What you seem to be directly or indirectly accusing me of, you are equally as guilty.

      One does not tell people “I’m Honest… Trust Me” for such is something “awarded” by those around you based on your actions and statements and truth in reporting.

      Looking at your blog with the Israeli Emblem and the statement below it is an indication of your support of one group over another regardless of the facts. The “suffering of those” you refer to is being transferred to those they occupy!

      The exclusionary Zionist vision of creating a Jewish state in Palestine meant the elimination of the indigenous, “non-Jewish” population. In his book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine,” Israeli historian Ilan Pappe writes:

      “ . . . on 10 March 1948 . . . veteran Zionist leaders together with young military Jewish officers, put the final touches to a plan for the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

      Thus the Palestinians had become the victims of the victims of Europe.


      If you are a teacher, you should also run spell-check! 😉

      • samhenry says:

        You mean I don’t spel gud? Does any older grad student? LOL Thanks for the heads up.

        If you read under the star of David, that star is only one emblem of one people. We are against prejudice everywhere. I can as easily replace it with a crescent and star. I think I will put both up. I have friends on both sides of the issue.

        I think I can speak for myself about what I believe that I am. It also allows other to focus on what I hold most dear and can comment about without wasting time on my hair style or something. I TRY to be honest and truthful. All any of us can do is TRY.

        I am not certain of what I accuse you of. I did not have time to browse your entire site today but will do so tomorrow. I had a lot of new visitors to my site today I was attempting to get to know. You were a commentator on one of those new sites and I was intrigued.

        Please let me know if there are any Arab sources in English you think I could use as references. You will see I have references listed on the left column of my blog. I only know Aljazeera – and they are very well balanced in what I have seen.

        As I said, you are sharp and I love to “type” with bright types. TX for all.

        • samhenry says:

          PS Here is a post I did that I believe best represents my main thinking “points.”

          The Globalization of Bad Communication Precludes World Government
          Posted on February 22, 2010 by samhenry | Edit

          It’s difficult to see that “globalization” has brought us any of the socio-economic benefits gained through effective outsourcing, joint ventures, increased contact and improved communication. It’s done a better job of almost bringing us to the brink of war. This is disheartening to the advocates of world government.

          Television and the internet have brought the good, the bad and the ugly into our living rooms in ever larger numbers. In the days of radio, Adolph Hitler was the thug du jour. He was not terribly interesting but was overly ambitious. He was unattractive and coarse but he came from a country we thought we knew. So big deal about all of this until he started moving into neighboring countries and slaughtering Jews and other minorities. A global war ensued. But his was evil easily discerned in a local theater. In those days, most politics was still largely “local.”

          Today’s ‘Hitler’ is another small man of threatening stature, Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Iran, formerly ancient Persia, is a country of great culture, history and diversity. But since the revolution, it has been a country of less than honorable men carrying out questionable deeds in the name of Allah. Iran is only one of several Muslim countries adept at using PR to gain ground in their push to reestablish the ancient Caliphate and to expand its borders.

          Radical Muslims infuriate adults in the west but all too often intrigue their youth. Why? In the 1960s, everyone under 21 wanted to be a Hari Krishna or Buddhist. It was different, fascinating and provided something missing in their lives. But these were religions of peace and understanding. Islam is a tougher sell – especially when the endgame is a war against Christians and Jews.

          So what do you do to ensnare converts for operations? You don’t use joy and peace as a carrot – you use terror. Think of all the young people in the world who submit themselves willingly to terror. They live for it. That is why the SAW movies became serialized. But terror with an orthodox set of teachings – irresistible. The end result of all of this is that one day you find a young American in a pile of Taliban prisoners you are loading onto a truck. What was in it for him? Advanced theology 401? Well yes but also goosebump-making fear and terror. Staring into the jaws of death for an exotic religion – what could be more interesting. This is youthful rebellion in full flush – taking down your father’s imperialistic country is pretty exciting stuff.

          Communications done right is artfully using eye and ear deceiving methods to advance that which has the most appeal not necessarily that which is of the greatest good. But this is only a part of the equation. Us of this will garner you American Taliban recruits.

          Artful communication, however, is wasted on those with a lack of knowledge. In a fast-moving world, time for learning the subtleties of our cultural differences has not been gifted to us. We are largely condemned to watch and listen to each other and to our leaders and then innocently go on to make knee-jerk reactions to what is all too often the wrong signal. We see and hear what we WANT to see and hear but often it is also a question of seeing and hearing only that which we can understand. We are unaware there is another way of “hearing” or “seeing” it.

          Complicating this are the perils of translation. For example, there is President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad standing behind a podium (no doubt on a box) with a delicious floral spray artistically placed off-center and falling gently over the edge. He is smiling. He, like Hitler, is unattractive. But he knows it . He is more supremely confident. And those heavenly flowers – oh what could be wrong with this picture? Well the translation for openers. The translator may not get it totally right. Their often straight up sense of what is being said may end up being way off the mark – without a sense of local usage. For example, Ahmadinejad might open his mouth, smile knowingly and say what we hear as:

          ” We will be coming to get you and eviscerate your grandmothers” when in fact the President had said something to degrade rather than terrorize: “we will be coming to get you and invite your grandmothers to cook for us.” Hyperbole is engaged here to throw emphasis on the fact that local sayings can and do sound bizarre to the average listener. Great misunderstandings have occurred over such details.

          So in communications, there is little globalization due to the aforementioned – only misunderstandings multiplied to the point of putting the entire globe on permanent red alert. It seems as if our ever shrinking planet has presented increased opportunities for error rather than understanding. There is just not enough time to yell out “I didn’t mean eviscerate your grandmothers, I meant invite them….” before a missile is launched to stop you from starting on your perceived mission to maim.

          • @Samhenry

            Good post. I disagree with some of what you wrote but do like your analysis and/or approach. I especially like:

            We see and hear what we WANT to see and hear but often it is also a question of seeing and hearing only that which we can understand. We are unaware there is another way of “hearing” or “seeing” it.

            As an American living in California (surprised?), I don’t follow the masses in believing what I’m told. As such I don’t believe Ahmadinejad to be today’s “Hitler.” He has a thriving Jewish community which refuses to move to Israel – which by the way, infuriates the Israeli Mossad! I also did not view Saddam as one. We were presented with silver trays loaded with dog-poop, decorated with flowers, and told it was an exotic serving! Example, I had posted the literal translation of Ahmedinejad’s speech in which he was accused of having said that he wanted to wipe Israel off the map. The word map wasn’t used. The word “wipe” wasn’t used. You’re welcome to read “Wiped off the Map” on my blog. Click on Read This widget (Left Side) and scroll down to the title.

            Similarly, the case that was made regarding the WMD “evidence” with “definite and reliable” proof we possessed, prior to sending the most advanced Arab country in the region into the the stone-age!

            I am not a believer of conspiracy theories. I also don’t think Tom Clancy writes his books without some inside information. If the shoe fits…

            The point is, as you state, we’re lead to believe certain “truths” to justify the colonization of the world – or whatever the oil-agenda may be. Just before the Iraq war or immediately thereafter, I do remember watching Ted Kopple on his 11:30 pm program stating that the whole war on Iraq – or such a plan – had been planned back in the 80’s! To me, that was what sealed a conspiracy theory and gave it the credibility that many people still reject.


        • Wel, yur speling iz juzt fine – the word was “responsibility” 🙂

          Your comment is appreciated. Anyway, Aljazeera English is a source I use once in a while. I mostly prefer to use Israeli sources and conscientious (how’s that for spelling?) so that those who usually attack my posts and “opinions” will discredit themselves. I like Haaretz, Gilad Atzmom, Illan Pappe, Dr. Shlomo Sand, etc. Mostly, these people write with Eyes Wide Open!

          Thanks for the compliment.


          • samhenry says:

            I’m so happy for the alternate translation or rather the correct translation for “wipe Israel off the map.” I actually think Ahmadinijad is very correct about many things. It is wonderful to hear him say as if the people in the US are in kindergarten (and most of us are) the “Persia is a very old and ancient culture.” Love it.

            California, eh? OK. I have a new tab – POP goes the culture – all about the cultural slide worldwide. I took a cold look at today’s “stars.” They all need a bath for starters! All that Malibu beach property wasted on grungy, unattractive illiterates. No wonder they are being replaced by special effects. I see a time in the not too distant future where our best friends will be special effects. Nite. SH

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