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Since when did Israel ever participate in Peace Talks with integrity and genuine interest?

The Israelis openly admit that they build more settlements in order to use such “facts on the grounds” in their negotiations.

In other words, deception is the way of life for the Israeli government. By turning Palestine – or what remains of of it into little enclaves surrounded by tanks and Israeli terrorists and settlements, they want us to believe that they are negotiating for peace.

And the U.S. Administration is as weak as a slaughtered lamb in front of these belligerent, human-rights violators and terrorists! When will we stand up to this country of terrorism and thugs and say: Do as we say or you are on your &^%$ own!”

62 years of Israeli terrorism, peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt… and what is the outcome? More Palestinian lands being stolen, more terror from the skies, the seas and the hills… more expulsions, home demolitions and prisoners.. more tortured children… and you want me to believe that Israel is a democracy? Sure it is: just like Nazi Germany was a democracy!

Clinton and Mitchell have been trying to resolve a dispute over Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank that could derail the talks barely a month after they were started in Washington Sept. 2. While Mitchell reported progress on the issue, there was little sign a solution will be found before Sept. 26, when a 10-month moratorium on housing construction declared by Netanyahu expires.

Abbas, who dined with Clinton at Netanyahu’s home yesterday, has threatened to abandon the talks if construction resumes in West Bank settlements. The Israeli leader has said there has been no change in plans to let the order suspending construction lapse at the end of the month.



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