While it continues its propaganda that Iran is the monster and threat to Middle East peace, Israel silently confiscates and steal more Palestinian lands. And the excuse?

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority on Wednesday condemned an Israeli military order to confiscate 1,000 acres of the Palestinian Al-Jalud village, south of Nablus. The order says that the commander of the Israeli army “believes that this is necessary for military needs, following the special security conditions which prevailed in the area and the need to take steps to prevent terrorist acts.”

The PA said in a statement that “The occupation continues to steal Palestinian land, using ridiculous justifications. The only terrorism in this area comes from Israeli settlers, committing acts of theft and vandalism against Palestinian olive farmers. Israel cannot expect to steal land while talking peace. The Israeli Government should be held accountable by what it does and not by what it says.”

The statement, which was issued by the PA’s Government Media Center, added: “The Israeli authorities should be taking action against their own citizens who regard themselves as above the law, instead of itself stealing Palestinian land. We call on the international community to take serious action to stop the Israeli continuous violation of International law and disregard of International community positions.”

Should we be worried about Iran? Heck no! It’s the barbaric Israeli forces, the Nazis of the 21st century who should be annihilated!

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