Boxer or Fiorina: who should California Elect!

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Elections, Israel, Jews, Middle East, Occupation, Palestine, Politics, Religion, U.S., War crimes, World News, Zionists

I hope we choose Boxer! Not because I like Boxer… I just don’t want to see Fiorina take charge! We’ve seen what she did to HP! She couldn’t run a company. Is she going to run a state?

First of all, do you trust someone with a name of a dish? Whenever I hear the word Fiorina, I’m expecting to be served a Pasta dish.

Secondly, I think the Fiorina’s PR personnel put a Spin on this issue with her hospital visit! Looking for sympathy votes among women? Please!

Thirdly, since when do US Senate candidates need to be vetted by Israel before they can hope to be elected? We see this time an again! This is what Fiorina tried: a visit to Israel – she thought, would guarantee her the Jewish vote? Anyone who kisses-up to a foreign country to appease the local supporters of such country should be expelled from office, running for office or even be in politics.

ISRAEL IS, AND REMAINS, A FOREIGN COUNTRY. With a bizarrely undue amount of sway over US politics, I must add.

More embarrassing to this ignorant woman should be her dabbling with foreign policy! She dared open her big mouth about why we should support Israel: especially “when [Iran] continues to defy the International community, threaten the existence of Israel and build nuclear weapons!”

Really! Fiornia, you belong in a kitchen on a shelf – as a forgotten Pasta dish! What country defied over 60 UN resolutions? It’s Israel!

What country is a threat to Middle East peace and its neighbors?  For 62 years, it was Israel that initiated all – except one – wars with the Arabs. Until this day, Israel holds the largest concentration camp since – and putting Auschwitz to shame! And it is Israel with the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons! It almost deployed its nuclear “power” in 1973 (Yom Kippur humiliating War)!  It is also Israel that was found guilty of War Crimes by a Jewish judge! (Goldstone Report).

I’d rather vote for Senator Boxer; the Jewish and current CA Senator who does not need to kiss ass! Although she is a supporter of Israel – and maybe blindly, she’s straight forward and does not go around “begging” for Jewish vote or selling her soul to the devil to succeed.


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