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NBC says Clooney takes “Dateline” cameras on a fact-finding tour across the war-torn area and speaks with Curry about his experiences working with people who are living in dire poverty and struggling for peace. The special “reveals a side of Clooney outside of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour — a Clooney leveraging his celebrity status to focus international attention on those who need it most, before it’s too late,” NBC says.



The arrogance!

Why is Clooney interested in this part of the world? Is it justice he’s after? For whom, really?

The show isn’t just about the Sudan, where experts fear there could be more violence when residents there vote on whether or not to secede and form their own country.  “Dateline” also follows the 1979 Augusta HS grad and Oscar winner ”on his whistle-stop tour across the U.S.” with John Predergast — a former Clinton Administration Africa expert who now heads an anti-genocide group called the Enough Project — who also accompanied Clooney and Curry to Southern Sudan. Throughout their U.S. tour, they meet with students, officials, and political leaders in the White House and on Capitol Hill, aiming to bring attention to the problem in Sudan and work to find a peaceful solution, NBC says.


I’m writing this as I watch the show on Dateline right now. What a pathetic attempt to disgrace a country (Sudan) because we (the USA) think that we must label the Northern Sudan as “the Muslim Sudan” and the southern part as “people wanting their freedom!


Why does Clooney and his cattle-like-followers think this must happen: break-up Sudan into North and South. I’ll tell you why and it’s really that simple: the southern part of Sudan is sitting on vast reserves of Oil, in addition to having the Nile run through this part – through which we can control the North and even Egypt!

Oil will make Sudan a richer country with a booming economy. No more poverty and famine – especially in Darfur. But WE (the USA) see it differently. We want to get our hands on this oil in the name of bringing justice and democracy to the southern part and/or people of Sudan. It’s really at their expense.. nothing less!


This way, we will keep Sudan (the north) poor and suffering. We will have a rich and prosperous south where we will promote Christianity and democracy… then point our fingers and claim that where Christianity and democracy is one will find prosperity! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What a hypocritical policy. Clooney, NBC and Dateline are no more than puppets. Ignorant, unjust and despicable.

Strong words? Then answer a simple question. Why are Palestinians being ignored by Clooney (not that they wish for his help or hypocrisy)? Aren’t they living under a brutal Nazi-like occupation by a state that practices terror more than the Sudan? Aren’t its leaders (Israel’s) wanted for War Crimes?

But Palestinians have no oil. So why should we help?

We did however, help the Kuwaitis and liberated them from Saddam, didn’t we? Of course: there’s a lot of Oil in Kuwait. And they are a supposedly Muslim country. Do we like those Muslims and hate those in Sudan (or Palestine)?

Of course we do: we like those who we can benefit from.


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