Politically Correct? No, It is Christmas Stupid!

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Bible, Charity, Christianity, Discrimination, Islam, Jesus, Jews, Muslims, Palestine, Politics, Religion, Talmud

Who stole Christmas?

Whatever happened to “Merry Christmas?”

On a Jay Leno show last night, the idiotic remark of being “politically correct” was made… that one, therefore, is required to say “Happy Holidays” vs. Merry Christmas!

Pardon me?

But it’s OK to say Happy Hanukkah?

So what is it that we’re celebrating?

Many Christians feel there is an active War on the religious theme of Christmas…

A Pastor [David Bouler of Highland Park Baptist Church] says, “Christmas is about Jesus.” The church sponsors a sign along Interstate 24 that proudly declares “Jesus is the reason for CHRISTmas.”

UTC Religious Studies Professor Charles Lippy says a diversity of cultures and religious beliefs is part of what makes America great. But he says a push to be politically correct, in many cases, may have gone to far…

People try to justify the “Happy Holidays” greeting by reference to Pagan Holidays at such time when exposing one’s religion meant that one would be thrown to the lions. Supposedly, the solution was to co-opt an existing Roman celebration: the winter solstice.  This allowed them to celebrate the birth of their savior under cover of the ancient pagan solstice celebration.

Whatever the justification… why do we greet Jews with Happy Hanukkah? The offensive fact is that Hanukkah does not even fall during the Christmas season. That is to say, since it follows a Hebrew Calendar (which is a lunar calendar), the time of the month would be different every year! As a matter of fact, the Hebrew calendar was manipulated over time. Until the Tannaitic period, the months were set by observation of a new crescent moon, with an additional month added every two or three years to keep Passover in the spring.

Keep Passover in the Spring?

How convenient! It’s like Muslims – who also follow a Lunar Calendar for the Islamic Calendar (Hijri), would then keep Ramadan in Winter (when days are shorter and it’s easier to fast and abstain from food and drink from dawn till sunset).

Don’t be afraid: Go ahead… make their day. Scream:

“Merry Christmas”

It ain’t about Shopping!

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