Update: Egypt protests; Three reported dead in ‘day of revolt’


Ben Ali clan fled Tunisia with 1.5 tonnes of gold

(And the Saudis welcomed him? This man should be hung by the testicles!)

PARIS – RELATIVES of the ousted Tunisian leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali are thought to have fled the country with 1.5 tonnes in gold, Le Monde reported Monday, citing French intelligence sources.

At Monday’s prices 1.5 tonnes in gold would fetch $65 million dollars (S$83.7 million on the open market.

According to Le Monde, President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office has been briefed by French intelligence that Leila Trabelsi, Ben Ali’s second wife, withdrew gold ingots from the Tunisian central bank last week.

The governor initially resisted her request, but backed down under pressure from Ben Ali himself, the report said.

Ben Ali and Leila have now fled Tunisia, under pressure from an unprecedented wave of street protests and amid anger that their family is accused of looting the country’s resources. — AFP

Tunisians drive leader from power in mass uprising


Bravo Tunisia! More power to you. You’ve had enough: enough torture, corruption, dictatorship and God only knows what else. Freedom is here. Finally! Celebrate, cherish and establish JUSTICE.


We wish you success! We wish you Justice. We wish you prosperity. Tough times are over.


Your dictators have been there too damn long! Time to expel them. Protect your interests first so that they don’t steal more of your countries and the people’s resources!


You’re already doing it. Soon, you will expel this Zionist venom and disease from the Middle East!

Tunisia unrest a wake-up call for the region


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