Aljazeera (Arabic site) reports that there are rumors of Mubarak’s family escaping Egypt from an airport/ military base west of Cairo.

The [Egyptian] media reports had indicated that Mubarak’s wife and his son Gamal Mubarak of Egypt escaped to London out of fear that protests demanding political and social reforms will result in the ousting of Mubarak and his family, as was the case two weeks ago in Tunisia.

Arab News,” published in the United States, reported that Mubarak’s wife and daughter fled on a private jet flown from Cairo West Air Base.  Prior to boarding, the plane was loaded with 97 bags and 36 large boxes.

In Cairo and surrounding cities and villages, tens of thousands of Egyptian demonstrators chanted slogans against Gamal Mubarak, saying (rhymes in Arabic):

“يا جمال قول لأبوك المصريين بيكرهوك”

Translation: O Gamal tell your father, Egyptians abhor you!

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