..of Arabia!

Are we on the threshold of an historic and explosive change? I never thought this day would come but here it is, happening before our very own eyes.

I see a new world and country emerging: The United States of Arabia!

Far fetched? I don’t think so. History repeats itself and we will, God Willing see a Democratic, Just and Economically sound United States of Arabia.

The New USA is being created as the Arab world finally explodes against corruption, tyranny and Pharaoh-like Dictators who defied the Creator Himself.

Today the Arab world is erupting!

“Enough,” said the people!

Mubarak, Gaddafi, Abdullah, Assad and the rest of you puppets.. pack your bags and disappear before you are arrested and hanged in front of the masses you have oppressed and humiliated long enough!

Meanwhile, Aljazeera reports:

US urges Egyptian government not to prevent peaceful protests or block social networking sites…

Just days ago the US considered Tunisia and the Egyptian governments “allies!”

Ripple protests could topple U.S. allies – CNN

Tunisia has brought a blast of reality to Mideast politics. Aging autocrats have been put on notice they can no longer count on docile citizens.

But is an era of unrest approaching? Will the winds of change sweep east along the Maghreb and bring down regimes from North Africa to the Levant and even the Arabian Peninsula?

Beyond doubt, those winds are blowing. Across the region they are being driven by the same social and economic factors, including high unemployment, a booming birth rate, and exploding food prices.

More than 500 demonstrators have been arrested as thousands return to streets in Egypt to protest over poverty and political repression.

A New Map is in the making!

What a beautiful year 2011 is turning out to be!

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