Game over, O you Pharaoh of modern times.

Mubarak in Arabic means Blessed! This is why the name is stated as Un-Mubarak!

May the Almighty punish you in a manner equal to that of the Pharaoh when he dared follow Moses!

May you be humiliated prior to your death in a manner that will make you beg to die but death will slowly and painfully extract your soul!

You have earned your seat in history: next to, and as the Last Pharaoh, Hitler, Sharon and Netanyahu!


And all of you thugs: uneducated peasants with helmets and sticks, you shall be stampeded to death by the masses. This is the least payback Egyptians can offer you, tyrant thugs! And those of you who may survive, justice awaits. Then you would have wished that you were killed during the demonstrations!


Good Riddance Hosni!


Welcome Justice and True Democracy!

Gaddafi: You’re Next!



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