As I post this, I am watching the evening news with Diane Sawyer when I was shocked by the ignorant and idiotic statements by Martha Raddatz!

“Egypt [Mubarak] is an ally.. they help us in the fight on terrorism.. they are just to the south.. [she meant Israel]..”

So that’s it Martha! Mubarak is “important” to us because he’s essentially a tyrant and dictator who is paid $1.5 billion a year to maintain his iron-grip and choke a country and its citizens so that he would “prevent” terrorism? What an ignorant and Zionist-minded journalist! As long as a dictator is maintaining Israel’s security from the south, then the hell with 83 million people in Egypt, right?

You are pathetic Martha!

Then we have Mubarak.. does he really think he can appease the millions who would rather see him shredded to pieces? Doesn’t his TV appearance remind us of what Zain el Abidine Ben Ali, the dictator of Tunisia said just hours before his escape?

Mubarak, you mummified devil. Do these pictures show that”YOUR” people would even want your remains around?





Read Biden’s equally idiotic and ignorant words!


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