Mubark, did you get the message yet?

Today, the Military spokesman Major-General Ismail Osman, in a speech broadcast on Egyptian television said that the armed forces are aware of and familiar with the demands of citizens and freedom of expression through peaceful means is guaranteed.

source: Aljazeera

Gen. Ismail Osman said that the army would not resort to the use of force against the Egyptian people, and called on citizens to not to take what would impair the general security of the country.

I guess Mubarak, the senile Mummy, miscalculated, as did the Israelis.

A tip of the hat to the Egyptian army!

  1. make says:

    I just found this video of an apparent diplomatic car in Egypt running over protesters in Cairo:

    • Thank you for sharing this disturbing video. The people in the car, and I don’t give a damn who they are, need to face justice and – if they caused any deaths, be executed themselves! This is abhorrent!

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